CPC Renewing Mass Line Campaign for Phase Two
A circular issued on Tuesday has put fresh impetus behind the Communist Party of China's (CPC) mass line campaign as the first phase nears its end, by urging officials to enhance implementation of its tenets.

First 259 Units Deployed for Campaign

Xi Urges Development through Scientific Innovation

Xi Concludes Inspection Tour in Hebei

Xi Urges China to Keep Red

Premier Li Tours Guangxi, Pledges Policy Support

CPC Official Urges Proper Implementation of Campaign
"If every CPC member and every grass-roots organ have a strong sense of responsibility and do a good job, the Party will be strong, the country will be strong and people will be strong. Thus, the Party's rule will have a solid foundation."
"China must break the barriers from entrenched interest groups to further free up social productivity and invigorate creativity."
"We should never judge a cadre simply by the growth in GDP."
"Winning or losing public support is an issue that concerns the CPC's survival."
• Strict, Honest Supervision Urged for "Mass Line" Campaign
Liu Yunshan, senior official of the Communist Party of China (CPC), has called for "strict and honest" supervision for an ongoing campaign that aims to straighten Party members' behavior.
• Senior Military Official Urges "Mass Line" Implementation
A senior military official has called for better implementation of the "mass line" campaign, as part of efforts to build a strong military.
• CPC to Maintain High Pressure on Corruption
For those questioning whether the Communist Party of China (CPC) is serious about its anti-corruption drive, the growing number of officials under punishment has shown the party's zero-tolerance to such wrongdoing.
• Xi Stresses Greater Courage, Wisdom in Deepening Reforms
China must deepen reforms in major areas with "ever more political courage and wisdom" to surmount the institutional barriers that are restraining growth, President Xi Jinping has stressed. Xi Urges Deepening Reform, Opening Up
• First 259 Units Deployed for "Mass Line" Campaign
The first batch of 259 units have been mobilized and deployed for the "mass line" education campaign, which the central leadership of the Communist Party of China (CPC) has initiated to strengthen ties with the people.
• Xi Urges Deepening Reform, Opening up
President Xi Jinping has called for deepening China's reform and opening-up efforts in order to maintain a healthy economy and achieve the goals set during the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China.
• Xi Urges Closer Officer-soldier Ties in Military Campaign
The campaign requires senior officers from the People's Liberation Army and the armed police to live and train as common soldiers for at least 15 days in grassroots units every one to five years.
• Xi Urges Development through Scientific Innovation
Chinese President Xi Jinping has issued a new call for a greater focus on scientific innovation, saying it should be the driving force for China's development.
• Official Sacked over Daughter's Luxury Wedding
A Communist Party of China (CPC) head of a poverty-stricken township in north China's Hebei Province was fired on Thursday over his daughter's extravagant wedding, local authorities said.
• Senior Official in Guangxi under Investigation
The discipline watchdog of the Communist Party of China said Saturday that a senior official in Guangxi is under investigation. This has been the third week for the anti-graft authority to announce probes into senior officials.
• Senior Official Pledges Anti-corruption Efforts
Senior Chinese official Meng Jianzhu on Sunday reiterated the significance of the fight against corruption and called on the international community to carry out closer cooperation.
• Xi: Anti-corruption Efforts Need to Draw on Heritage
Chinese President Xi Jinping has said that the country's anti-corruption efforts need to draw on foreign practices and its own domestic heritage.
• Chinese Premier Vows Deepened Corruption Fight 
Premier Li Keqiang on Tuesday said China will deepen its anti-corruption efforts by improving the mechanism used to control power, money and government officials. Premier Promises to Budget All Gov't Expenses
• Study History, be Close to the People
President Xi Jinping gave a series of important speeches during the June 22-25 study conference of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China Central Committee. The terms "staying close to the people" and "study more history" stood out for their additional importance in his speeches. According to Xi, studying history will help CPC members to be close to the people and to serve them better.
• 'Mass Line' Campaign to Consolidate CPC's Rule
BEIJING - About two weeks prior to the 92nd anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China (CPC), the world's biggest ruling Party has reaffirmed its "mass line" - an important guideline defining Party-people relations.
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• China Starts 5-year Ban on New Gov't Buildings
The central authorities in China have begun a 5-year ban on the construction of new government buildings, training centers and hotels as part of its ongoing anti-corruption and frugality campaign.
• Xi Urges Development through Scientific Innovation
Chinese President Xi Jinping has issued a new call for a greater focus on scientific innovation, saying it should be the driving force for China's development.
• Chinese Premier Highlights Scientific Economic Policies
Chinese Premier Li Keqiang has issued a new call for this country's macroeconomic policies to be more "scientific, forward-looking and targeted" in order to promote more sustainable growth.
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