v The Transition of China's Light Industry

As China's economic growth rate drops below 8 percent, the world is wondering how long China will manage to maintain its economic success. Many people will be looking to the steady growth seen in the output of China's light industry in order to ease their concerns.
v Domestic Food Producers Regain Customer Confidence

Chinese food companies are struggling to regain consumers' confidence in their products amid controversial food safety crises.
v Bring the Ancient Colors back to Life

As many traditional art forms face challenges in modern society, some artisans are sparing no efforts to keep these alive and pass them down to future generations. Gao Shuiwang, a craftsman proficient in an artistic skill handed down from the ancient Tang Dynasty, is one of them.
v Realizing Chinese Dreams through Porcelain Artwork

Craftsmen of Chinese porcelain make every effort to realize their Chinese dreams by displaying the elements of traditional Chinese culture through their delicate works of art.
v Overseas Brands Find their Feet in China

The recent China International Consumer Products Exhibition has attracted a number of foreign companies from light industry to China. For these companies, the exhibition is the perfect opportunity to promote their brands, but they still face many challenges within the Chinese market.

• Painting inside a Snuff Bottle

• Ancient Archery

• Painted Shoes