• Better Preschool Education Needed in China?
Increasing numbers of parents are now focusing more on early childhood education, with many kindergartens providing education through various systems, such as traditional Chinese and western preschool education.
• Ethics More Important than Knowledge in Preschool
Preschool education plays a significant role in shaping children's future. Some Chinese experts and kindergarten teachers believe that more emphasis should be placed on developing good virtues than teaching knowledge to children in preschool.
• Kindergarten in Mountain Area Props up Sky for Kids
The head of a private kindergarten in the Yimengshan Mountain area struggles to provide a good educational environment to poor preschool kids there.
• Preschool Education Centers Help Rural Western Kids
Since September 2009, small trial preschool centers were started in Ledu county, Qinghai Province. So far, 133 of these preschool education centers have been established in the county, and more than 3,000 kindergarten-age children have benefited from these tiny schools.
• Rural Kids Face Big Obstacles to Attend Kindergarten
Early childhood education is important for children. However, most children in rural west China can not get the chance to go to kindergarten.
• Early Childhood Education Urgently to be Improved
According to statistics from the China Development Research Foundation, an estimated 8.5 million children aged from three to five live in villages in Western China, and only 30 percent of them ever get admitted to kindergartens.
• Lawmaker: China is Drafting Preschool Education Law
A baby boom in China after 2005 means that young parents are now locked in fierce competition for sought-after preschools. China is drafting a law to raise the quality of preschool education and ease the shortage of preschools.

Magic Beans, Magic World for Chinese Children
Magic Beans House Childrens' Museum offers small children opportunities to concentrate on things they are really interested in and acquire knowledge and skills naturally through playing, not learning.

When I Grow Up...
A new training centre located by Beijing's Bird's Nest Stadium is offering children the chance experience a wide range of sport and work. Dominic Swire recently visited and brings us this report.
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