U.S. Congress Holds 1st Boston Bombing Hearing
U.S. Congress on Thursday held its first hearing on the Boston Marathon bombing, with witnesses calling for more resources for local law enforcement to combat homegrown terrorism.
• 3 More Suspects Arrested for Boston Marathon Bombing
Police in the U.S. city of Boston announced on Wednesday that three additional suspects were taken into custody for the April 15 Boston Marathon bombing, which killed three people and injured about 200 others.
• Russia Cooperates with US in Boston Bombings Probe: Putin
The Russian special service has been cooperating with U.S. partners in the investigation of the Boston bombings, President Vladimir Putin said Saturday.
• Boston Bombing Suspect Transferred to Prison Hospital
The wounded suspect of Boston Marathon Bombing has been transferred from a hospital to a prison hospital, the U.S. Marshals Service said Friday.
• Obama Convenes Top-level Security Meeting on Boston Blasts
U.S. President Barack Obama on Saturday convened a meeting of the National Security Council to review the events related to the Boston Marathon bombing and discuss the ongoing investigation of its causes.
• Boston in Lockdown as Police Search For Marathon Bomber
The city of Boston awoke Friday to an eerie morning of desertion and isolation, as police locked down much of the vibrant town in search of one of the suspects allegedly involved in the deadly bombing at the city' s marathon held on Monday.
Chinese Mourn over Chinese Victim of Boston Blasts
It's now been revealed a 3rd Chinese grad student managed to escape the Boston Marathon bombings unharmed.
Investigators Have Image of Boston Bombing Suspect
US investigators now have an image of a man dropping off a bag containing one of the two deadly Boston Marathon bombs.
Boston Bombings in Black Nylon Bags
US Law enforcement officials say the explosive devices used in the deadly bombings at the Boston Marathon were placed in dark colored bags. Pieces of black nylon at the scene have got investigators suspecting the bombs were carried in heavy, dark colored bags.
History of US Bombing
Backgrounder: History of Major U.S. Bombings
A list of some of the worst bombings in the United States in recent decades.