China's newly-elected president Xi Jinping pledged Sunday to resolutely fight against corruption and other misconduct in all manifestations and always preserve the political integrity of Communists. "Chinese Dream"; [Playback]

Reforms "Biggest Dividend" for China
China's new premier Li Keqiang says reforms are the "biggest dividend" for the country, singling out three areas including maintaining economic growth, improving people's livelihood and safeguarding social justice. [Playback]
Premier Vows to Cut Gov't Spending
China's new premier Li Keqiang has promised to win the trust from the people by practising frugality in government spending. Li Vows to Solve Environment, Food Problems "with Iron Fist"[Playback]
China Completes Leadership Transition with Growing Maturity of Power Transfer Mechanism
China completed an orderly and institutionalized transition of power at the end of an annual session of China's top legislature with President Xi Jinping heading the fifth generation of the Chinese leadership. Profile: Xi Jinping; Profile: Li Keqiang; Profile: Zhang Dejiang
-Educational Reform
-Social Security
-Medical Care Reform
-Income Distribution
-Environmental Protection

Premier Li Outlines Top Tasks of China's New Cabinet

Xi Jinping Elected Chinese President

Zhang Dejiang Elected Chairman of NPC Standing Committee

National Political Advisors Meet to Elect New Leadership

30 Ministerial-level Officials Investigated: Top Procurator

China Convicts 5 Million Criminals in 5 Years

Li Keqiang Joins Discussion with Deputies from Henan Province

Zhang Dejiang Joins Discussion with Deputies from Shaanxi Province

1st Session of 12th NPC Holds News Conference on NPC Work in Beijing

Xi Jinping Joins Discussion with Tibet Delegation

China: Sanctions Not Fundamental Way of Solving DPRK Nuclear Issue

Pregnant Reuters Reporter Covering Political Sessions

China's Top Leaders Join Discussion with Deputies to 12th NPC

Press Briefing on China's Political Consultation Starts

News Conference of 1st Session of 12th CPPCC Held

Top Leaders Attend Opening Meeting of 1st Session of 12th NPC

CRI Live Broadcast Team

Deputies Attend 1st Session of 12th NPC

Deputy Attends 1st Session of 12th NPC

Deputies Attend 1st Session of 12th NPC
- Gross domestic product (GDP) grows about 7.5 percent.
- Consumer Price Index (CPI) increase will be kept around 3.5 percent
- Add more than 9 million urban jobs.
- Keep the registered urban unemployment rate at or below 4.6 percent.
- China's GDP increased from 26.6 trillion yuan to 51.9 trillion yuan by an average annual growth of 9.3 percent.
- Government revenue went up from 5.1 trillion yuan to 11.7 trillion yuan.
- The per capita disposable income of urban residents rose by 8.8 percent annually. The per capita net income of rural residents rose by 9.9 percent.
- Energy consumption per unit of GDP fell by 17.2 percent.
v Full Text: Report on the Work of the Government
v Top Legislator Extends Greetings to Media Staff
v New Cabinet Candidates Tabled for Discussion
v Xi Jinping Elected Chinese President
v World Leaders Send Congratulations to Xi Jinping
v Zhang Dejiang Elected Chairman of NPC Standing Committee
v 30 Ministerial-level Officials Investigated: Top Procurator
v Tibetan Lamas Write Thank You Letter to Xi
v CPPCC's New Leader Vows to Promote Consultative Democracy
v 23 Elected Vice Chairpersons of 12th CPPCC National Committee
v Yu Zhengsheng Elected Chairman of China's Top Political Advisory Body
v Senior CPC Official Calls for More Support for Non-public Sector
v Chinese Vice Premier Urges Closer Cross-strait Relations
v Highlights of Work Report of China's Top Political Advisory Body
v Top Political Advisory Body Expresses Support for HK Chief Executive
v China's Top Political Advisory Body Shortens Annual Session
Deputies Urge to Reform Wildlife Protection Law
A draft proposal to amend the country's wildlife protection law has garnered support from deputies at this year's National People's Congress.
Reforms "Biggest Dividend" for China
China's new premier Li Keqiang says reforms are the "biggest dividend" for the country, singling out three areas including maintaining economic growth, improving people's livelihood and safeguarding social justice. [Playback]
Calls for Legislative Backup for Children's Welfare
Lawyers and officials are calling for a legislative backup to provide a secure approach to safeguard children's welfare.
Incentive Scheme Needed to Boost Rural Age Pension
The latest work report of China's top legislature shows by 2012, more than 460 million people in the country had joined the rural age pension scheme.
Caring for Families that Lost Their Only Child
How to take care of elderly parents who have lost their only child is a growing problem for Chinese society.
Wenzhong Zhou - A Man Full of Wisdom
G&E Studio reporter Michael Payne exclusively interviewed Wen Zhongzhou, General Secretary of Boao Forum for Asia and Member of the Standing Committee of the 12th CPPCC.
See You, Same Time, Next Five Years: CPPCC Bids Farewell
At first, everything began the way it usually began in the last plenary meeting at the Great Hall of the People: the military musicians rehearsing, reporters setting up, and politicians pouring in.
Foreign Experts Parse Challenges for China and Possible Solutions
Foreign experts have pointed out several severe challenges China has to face in the short term to maintain robust growth, a key topic to be discussed at the annual "two sessions" that started Sunday.
Annual Political Sessions of China Well Received Abroad
The 2013 annual sessions of NPC, China's national legislature, and CPPCC, the country's top political advisory body, have drawn positive comments from the international community.
"If we fail to handle this issue well, it could prove fatal to the Party, and even cause the collapse of the Party and the fall of the state." Photos

"In an effort to further opening up to the outside world, we should live up to challenges from economic globalization and the world technological revolution and draw upon positive developments from modern human civilization." Photos

2013-03-14 China Focus: The Hukou System
Is time ripe to drastically reform China's hukou system?
2013-03-13 China Focus: Environmental Protection
How are the delegates and legislators at the two annual political sessions in Beijing targeting environmental protection?
v Chinese Premier Makes Press Debut, Charting Gov't Roadmap
Premier Li Keqiang's press debut on Sunday in the Great Hall of the People grabbed immediate public attention, as many are anticipating how the 57-year-old newly-appointed premier will steer the government of the world's second-largest economy over the next five years.
v Commentary: "Chinese Dream" Carries Global Significance
The annual session of China's National People's Congress (NPC) concluded Sunday with a promise of "Chinese dream" for the country's 1.3 billion people.
Differences between NPC and CPPCC
There is a substantial difference between motions submitted to a session of the National People's Congress (NPC) and proposals to the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC).
About NPC
The NPC is the highest institution through which the Chinese people exercise their state power.
The CPPCC is a united front of the people and the country's highest political advisory body.
v 2010 NPC & CPPCC Sessions
v 2011 NPC & CPPCC Sessions
v 2012 NPC & CPPCC Sessions