v General Introduction

Anhui Province has abundant tourist resources with beautiful landscape, many places of historic interest and rich folk customs. The most famous scenic wonders include Mt.Huangshan, Mt.Jiuhua, Mt.Tianzhu, Mt.Langya and Mt.Qiyun, all of which are national scenic spots.
• Capturing the Beauty of Anhui's Ancient Villages
A young artist uses acrylics to capture the beauty of Hongcun Village...
• Tongling's Bronze History in the Present
Tongling city, in Anhui Province, is a major producer of copper. However, as one of the birthplaces of bronze culture in China, traditional bronze work is still alive and well within this rapidly transforming city.
• Hefei's Expanding Economy
Major domestic and international companies are helping to increase the economic clout of Hefei, the capital city of Anhui Province.
• The Buddhist Appeal of Jiuhua Mountain
A favorite place for Buddhist pilgrims, the 120 square-kilometer mountain range is dotted with temples and shrouded in heavy incense smoke.
• History is Preserved in Chengkan
Well-deserving of its World Heritage Site status, Chengkan village is a perfect place to see distinctive Ming Dynasty architecture.
• Buddha to the Future in Dayuan Cultural Garden
The province has invested over 2 billion yuan in the Dayuan Cultural Garden, an homage to Buddha for contemporary times.
• The Stellar Views of Mount Huangshan
The mountain range's unique formations and the abundance of cedar and pine trees which grow on it, make Huangshan a unique destination.

The Autumn Colors of Huangshan Mountain

Sunrise at Huangshan Mountain

Head in the Clouds at Huangshan Mountain

White Chrysanthemum Harvesting in Yanpu Village

Time Lost in Xidi Village

Idyllic Tangmo Village

Hongcun: A Village Thriving on Water

Live on the Clouds
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• City Enthralled by Huangmei Opera

• Nanping Impression

• Hui Cuisine

• Ancient Crafts, Modern World