• Marcos Lombello, English teacher in Quanzhou Normal University
I wish that China can keep on growing, and find the balance between development and environmental protection. I think that the Chinese people can be happy and have all the things that they need.
• Masood Khan  
I wish you a success, and I wish China greater successes, in the weeks, months years and centuries to come. 
• Prof. Alan Hudson 
I think in the near future, China is reaching a point where the process which began in '78 will take on an even greater significance, both domestically and internationally. 

Tony Blair's Expectations of China
My expectations and hopes for China in the time to come is that China continues its policy of development and it continues its opening up to the World and it continues to show the world that China is going to be a benign power for the world and for the future.
Expectations of China
Philip Tinari
Director of the Ullens Center for Contemporary Art
Peter Choi
President of the Temple City Chamber of Commerce, U.S.A.
Lu Arredondo

CEO and President of LA Business Consultants, LLC

Developing China
Listen to China
Video China
• China Improves Systems of People's Jurors, People's Supervisors: White Paper
The people's courts as the judicial organs and the people's procuratorates as the legal supervisory organs need to promote democracy to ensure judicial impartiality, a white paper said Tuesday.
• New Traffic Rules Highlight School Bus Safety
Under the revised regulations on the management of driving licenses, failure to give road priority to a school bus will result in six penalty points, according the Ministry of Public Security on Monday.
• Chinese Firms Change to Win Global Market Shares
Two of China's top household appliance manufacturers, TCL Corporation and Skyworth, have recently shown ambition in widening their reach abroad but have chosen to pursue different strategies.
• "Golden Week" Justifies Title with Rise in Tourism Revenue
The country's 119 major scenic spots received a total of 34.25 million visitors during the eight-day holiday, up 20.96 percent from the corresponding period last year. Tourism income surged by nearly a quarter from 2011 to 1.77 billion yuan (278.39 million U.S. dollars), the NTA said.
  • Increasing Sales of Australian Wine in China

  • As one of the "New World" wine producers, Australia has gained a sound reputation for its fine wine industry in the past few years. Although its output is not significant, it dominates quite a large share of the international market thanks to the large number of bottles it exports to Asia, especially China.
  • Chinese Enterprises Urged to Further Expand Overseas Investment 

  • Business leaders taking part in this week's Summer Davos sessions are suggesting that China should be taking a longer-term approach to the overall restructuring of its economy.
  • Tourist Resorts in China Lowering Entrance Ticket Prices

  • A total of 80 tourist attractions in China will lower their ticket prices by an average of 38 percent before this year's National Day Holidays start at the end of this month.
  • China Library Unveiled at Tanzania

  • The China Library has been unveiled at the National Library of Tanzania. It's hoped the new facility will promote cultural exchanges between the two countries.
  • Expo to Promote China-ASEAN Scitech Cooperation

  • This year marks the 10th anniversary of the signing of the Framework Agreement on Comprehensive Economic Cooperation between ASEAN and China and also the Year of China-ASEAN Science and Technology Cooperation.
    • Inner Mongolia 3: The Hockey Town
    The Hockey Town... In which Jess and Anne visit a town with a sporting obsession.
    • The Antique Shop of Kashgar's Old City
    Hidden in the winding alleyways of Kashgar's old city lies a shop filled with antiques.
    • Beijing Skateboard Teacher
    Pro-Skater Xingyan teaches the next generation of Beijing's skateboarders.
    • A Taste of American Football
    Getting Chinese kids hooked on America's favorite sport.
    • Heyrobics
    Sweden's most practiced sport is spreading it's sweaty, healthy fun in China.

    Chinese Firms Change to Win Global Market Shares

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    "Golden Week" Justifies Title with Rise in Tourism Revenue

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    China to Have 1,318 Skyscrapers by 2022

    Sino-Russian International Train Upgraded

    Technicians Demonstrate Pilotless Aircrafts in E China

    Expo to Promote China-ASEAN Scitech Cooperation
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