Off The Beaten Track- Guizhou
CRI's chief explorers Jessica Dowse and Anne Gonschorek show a China beyond the guidebooks. Join them to meet interesting characters and learn about Chinese culture first hand. This month they are in the South-Western province of Guizhou, home to many ethnic minorities, torrential rain and imposing mountains. Stay tuned for more videos and photos from the girls as they travel around endless winding mountain roads in search of hidden Guizhou.
Sing for Love: Young Pipa Song Promoter
The Dong ethnic group from Liping county, in southeastern China's Guizhou province, is well known for its Pipa or Chinese lute, songs. The Pipa song is a source of pride for the Dong people, with songs about the people's history, farming experience, and customs. Recently CRI reporters met with an outstanding young Pipa song singer Wu Liangfeng.
The World's Most Versatile Stuntman
The world's most versatile stuntman lives in Guizhou. Yang Guanghe holds the Guinness World Record for the longest period of time holding 20 kilograms of weight with his eyelids. He fancies himself as the next Evel Knievel.
A Carver of Dixi Wooden Masks: Hu Kewei
Dixi is a folk drama which originated from Anshun city in southwest China's Guizhou Province. It is one of the oldest dramas in the world. What makes the drama unique is that the performers do not paint their faces, but instead wear colorful masks carved of wood. Let's follow CRI reporters to find a renowned creator of these wooden masks who devotes himself to passing on the art.
The Witch Doctor
Witchdoctors used to play an important part in Chinese people's lives. Some of them do not only work as healers but also as spiritual medium. Nowadays their numbers are decreasing and less and less people believe in this ancient craft. We went to see one of those infamous rituals and asked them about their mystical profession.
Biasha Miao Village Keeps the Legend Alive
Hidden deep in the mountains of southwest China's Guizhou Province's southern border region, there is an ancient village called Biasha.
Qian(Guizhou) cuisine is one of the main dish families in China, with more than 250 popular dishes all spicy and hot. Dishes of Qian cuisine are not only purely spicy and hot but also delicious and tasty. 
After Anne Gonschorek and Jessica Dowse tasted different kinds of Guizhou food, they chose their favorite rice tea and learned how to cook it from a local.
Guizhou in General