Trio Chicago & Friends

Trio Chicago & Friends is an American music ensemble praised for its annual tours to remote parts of the globe as cultural ambassadors. The group has been consistently recognized for its stylistic versatility in concerts, and for its master classes and teaching interchanges with local students. TC&F features American music by composers such as Gershwin, Ellington, Bernstein, Copland, Pat Metheny, Cole Porter and Irving Berlin.

CRI invited Trio Chicago & Friends, an American music ensemble praised for its annual tours to remote parts of the globe as cultural ambassadors, to hold a concert marking the 40th Anniversary of Richard Nixon's visit to China at 2:30 pm on Tuesday, Feburay 28, 2012.

CRI Coverage
• Cross-border Communication through Music

Music is a bridge to foster deeper communication among people across borders.
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A special edition to mark the 40th anniversary of Nixon's visit to China.
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A concert marking the 40th anniversary of U.S. President Richard Nixon's historic visit to China.
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Students from Beijing School for the Blind Listening to the Concert Carefully

Student from Beijing Dandelion School Presenting Their Gifts to Band Members

Student from Beijing Dandelion School Introducing Their Gifts for Band Members

Students from Beijing Dandelion School Singing Their School Anthem

Student from Beijing School for the Blind Asking a Question

Elliott Golub Answering the Question

Student from Beijing Dandelion School Asking a Question

Guests Listening to the Concert Carefully

Zhao Qizheng Delivering a Speech

Soprano Katherine Keberlein

Trio Chicago & Friends Performing in CRI

Pianist Kay Kim

Co-founder Marlou Johnston

Founder Elliott Golub

Flutist Laura Hamm

Band Members Posing for a Group Photo with Zhao Qizheng and Xia Jixuan

Marlou Johnston Talking with Zhao Qizheng and Xia Jixuan

Group Photo of the Band with Guests and Students

Group Photo of the Band and Guests

Elliott Golub Presents a Gift to Zhao Qizheng

CRI Deputy Director Xia Jixuan Presenting a Gift to the Group

A Bird Eye's View of the Concert

Trio Chicago & Friends

Guests Attending the Concert

CRI Host Wu Manling at the Concert
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