Iran Affirms Commitment to Nuclear Advancement
Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei said Wednesday that Iran will continue the course of advancing its nuclear technology "powerfully."

G8 Urges Iran to Hold Constructive, Serious Talks with World Powers
Foreign ministers from the Group of Eight (G8) urged Iran to hold constructive and serious talks with the six world powers on its disputed nuclear program, the group said in a joint statement on Thursday.
Wen: China Supports Annan's Mediation Efforts
Premier Wen Jiabao on Tuesday told Kofi Annan, the UN-Arab League envoy to Syria, that China supports his mediation efforts.
Work at Iranian Nuclear Power Plant Remains on Schedule
The Russian State Atomic Agency Rosatom on Wednesday announced that work at the Bushehr nuclear power plant in Iran was proceeding as scheduled.
China Legally Imports Iranian Oil: FM
China legally imports oil from Iran through normal channels in a reasonable and fair manner, a Foreign Ministry spokesman said Wednesday. China Hopes Consensus Reflected in Japan's Real Policy
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  • Iran Affirms Commitment to Nuclear Advancement

    Iran Announces Nuclear "Achievements"

    Iran Not to Surrender to Pressures over Nuclear Issue

    Iran Holds Funeral for Nuclear Scientist Killed in Bomb Attack

    Iran Positive for Holding Nuclear Talks in Turkey
    EU Oil Embargo
  • Iran: Oil Embargo Won't Cripple Economy
  • Iran's Oil Embargo to Hit Europeans
  • EU Leaders Endorse Sanctions against Iran
  • EU Could Impose Iran Oil Embargo within Months
  • EU Edges Closer to Iran Oil Ban
  • Iran: Oil Embargo Economic Suicide for EU
  • EU Could Decide on Iran Oil Embargo on Jan. 30
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    Voices from Iran
  • Iran-Russia Relations Constructive for Regional Development: Iranian FM
  • Iran's Partnership with Russia "Win-win" Policy
  • Iran Can be "Reliable" Energy Provider for EU Countries: FM
  • Iran Says Relations with Europe to Be Normalized: FM
  • Iran Says Next Round of Talks with G5+1 to be Held in Istanbul
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  • Iran, G5+1 to Resume Nuclear Talks "Soon"
  • Iran's Partnership with Russia "Win-win" Policy
  • Iran Offers "All-out Support" for Syria
  • Iran to Construct New Power Plant in Syria
  • Six Major Nations Urge Iran to Resume Nuke Talks without Preconditions
  • Iran Renews Oil Cut Threats
  • Iran Halts UK-France Oil Sales
  • EU Receives Offer from Iran for Restarting Nuclear Talk
  • Iran Summons Six EU Ambassadors to Protest Sanctions
  • Iran Replies to EU Letter on Resumption of Nuclear Talks: TV
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  • China Welcomes Progress on Iran Nuclear Issue
  • China Hopes for Continued Cooperation between Iran, IAEA
  • Russia Expects Resumption of Talks over Iran's Nuclear Program
  • White House Says Still Reviewing Iran's Response on Nuclear Talks
  • Israel to Stop Iran's Nuclear Program by all Means
  • China Calls for Early Resumption of Iran Nuclear Issue Talks
  • U.S. Dismisses Iran's Nuke Achievements
  • UN is "in Crucial Moment" to Stop Nuclear Program in Iran: Israel
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  • Mounting Concerns over Iran's Nuclear Program
  • China: Sanctions Cannot Solve Iran's Nuclear Issue
  • China Opposes Military Strike against Iran
  • British Foreign Secretary Warns of Iran's Risk of "New Cold War"
  • Iran's Oil Flow to EU Countries "Not to Stop at the Moment": Report
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