29 Chinese Freed from Sudanese Abduction Set off for Home
The 29 Chinese who were freed from abduction by Sudanese rebels set on their way home Wednesday after a 24-hour stay in Nairobi, Kenya.
• Kidnapped Chinese Workers Released to ICRC
The 29 Chinese workers kidnapped in Sudan have boarded a plane chartered by the International Committee of the Red Cross. The plane is expected to fly to Nairobi, where they will be handed over to the Chinese embassy.
• Missing Chinese Worker's Body Found in Sudan
China said Monday that it was informed by Sudan's related department that the body of a Chinese worker, who went missing in a rebel attack in Sudan's South Kordofan, was found.
• China Lodges Urgent Representations to Sudan over Attack
China's Vice Foreign Minister Xie Hangsheng on Tuesday summoned Sudan's Charge d'Affaires in Beijing and lodged urgent representations to the African country over an attack by local rebels on a camp belonging to a Chinese company.
• China Sends Working Group to Rescue Abducted Workers
The Chinese government has sent a working group to Sudan to aid in the rescue of several Chinese nationals who have been abducted in the country. Abducted Chinese Workers in Sudan Not Freed
• Abducted Chinese Workers in Sudan Not Freed: Embassy
None of the 29 Chinese workers abducted by rebels in the Kordofan region of Sudan have been released, an embassy official said in Sudan on Monday despite Sudanese reports that 14 had been freed.
• 34 Chinese Workers in South Kordofan Arrive in Khartoum
A total of 34 Chinese workers on Monday arrived in Khartoum after the camp of their company, which operates in field of road construction at South Kordofan State, was attacked by rebels.
• China Warns of Security Risks in Sudan after Rebel Attack
China's Ministry of Commerce on Monday warned Chinese firms in Sudan of security risks after rebels abducted 29 Chinese workers in the African country.
• 17 Chinese in Sudan Transferred to Safe Place, 29 Still Held
A total of 17 Chinese workers have been transferred to a safe place by the Sudanese army after their camp was attacked by rebels, while another 29 Chinese were still held by the abductors.
• Employer of Missing Chinese Workers Initiates Emergency Response
Power Construction Corp. of China, employer of the Chinese nationals captured by rebels in Sudan, said Sunday that it had launched an emergency response to rescue the missing workers.
• China Confirms Militants' Attack on Chinese Company in Sudan
China on Sunday confirmed that a camp belonging to a Chinese company was attacked by rebels in Sudan and several Chinese nationals "have gone missing" following the incident.

Sudan, officially the Republic of the Sudan, is a country in North Africa that is often considered to be part of the Middle East as well.

Armed clashes took place between Sudan People's Liberation Army (SPLA) forces and the Sudanese army at an area near Al-Abbasiya Tagali town in South Kordofan. SPLA took control of the area and 29 Chinese were seized on Saturday, January 29.

South Kordofan, located on the Sudan-South Sudan border, has been witnessing armed clashes between the Sudanese army and the SPLA's northern sector since June last year when the south declared independence.

China Reaction
• China Lodges Urgent Representations to Sudan over Attack
• China Warns of Security Risks in Sudan after Rebel Attack
• China Confirms Militants' Attack on Chinese Company in Sudan
• Chinese Envoy Urges Sudan, South Sudan to Narrow Differences