7 Billionth Baby Born in Philippines
The Philippines greeted with excitement one of the symbolic 7 billionth babies in the world shortly after midnight Sunday in a hospital in Manila, local media reported Monday.
v World Population to Reach 7 Bln Soon: UN
The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) released in Hanoi on Thursday a report on the world population in 2011 themed, "Human beings and opportunities in the world of seven billion people".
v UN Says 10 Bln People Expected in World by 2100
The world's population -- now nudging 7 billion people -- is expected to reach 9.3 billion in 2050 and 10.1 billion before the end of this century, the United Nations said on Tuesday.
v Global Events Planned to Speed up Progress on Population, Development Goals
More than 160 ministers, parliamentarians, and representatives of regional intergovernmental organizations and other world leaders will gather in Addis Ababa, capital of Ethiopia, for a High-Level Meeting on Maternal Health, UN officials said Thursday.
v 26th International Population Congress Opens in Morocco
The 26th International Population Congress opened Sunday to address worldwide population problems.
v Report Says African Population Reaches 1 Billion
Africa's population has reached 1 billion as the continent's population is growing by about 24 million a year, according to a latest report from a nonprofit organization.
  • Proportion of Chinese Declines in Worldwide

  • China's proportion of the world population has now dropped from 22 percent of the global population to 19-percent over the past 30-years.
  • Proportion of China's Population in Ethnic-Inhabited Regions Increases

  • The proportion of China's population in most regions inhabited by ethnic minority groups increased over the last decade, according to data of the sixth national census released by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) Friday.
  • Chinese Mainland Gender Ratios Most Balanced since 1950s

  • The People's Republic of China has about 34 million more men than women on its mainland, but also has its most balanced gender ratio since the first national population census was conducted in 1953, according to census data released on Thursday.
  • China's Population Grows to 1.3397 Billion in 2010

  • China's population had increased to 1.37 billion, including 1.3397 billion on the mainland, the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) said Thursday. China's Aging Population Expands Rapidly
  • China's 'Floating Population' Exceeds 221 mln

  • China's floating population, which mostly consists of migrant workers, reached 221 million last year, Li Bin, head of the National Population and Family Planning Commission.
    • UNFPA Calls for Global Action as World Population to Hit 7 Bln
    With the world population projected to reach 7 billion in five days, the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) said in a new report on Wednesday that the milestone is a global call to action towards a future to a path to development that is environmentally sustainable and one where opportunities exist for both men and women.
    • Beijing Starts Population Management Pilot Scheme
    Beijing's Municipal Public Security Bureau has launched a pilot program for population management in Changping District and selected residential spots over the course of the next three months.
    • China to Keep Birth Rate Low: President
    China will stick to and improve its current family planning policy and maintain a low birth rate, President Hu Jintao has said.
    • Floating Population to Enjoy Same Benefits as Beijing Residents
    The floating population in eastern Beijing's Dongcheng District will enjoy the same benefits as citizens with employment opportunities, social security, children's education, medical care and registration management, "Beijing News" reports.
    • China's Population Policy Draws Wide Praise
    Demographers and scholars worldwide have spoken highly of China's family-planning policy over the past 30 years and more, saying it has helped lower the world population growth.
    • High Population Density Triggers Cultural Explosions
    Increasing population density, rather than boosts in human brain power, appears to have catalyzed the emergence of modern human behavior, according to a new study by University College London (UCL) scientists published online on Thursday in the journal Science.

    Earth Prepares for 7th Billion Inhabitant

    Top Chinese Leaders Submit Census Information

    China's Percentage of Elderly Highest in 2030

    World Population Day Marked in Shanghai


    Year   Population (in billions)
    1804   1
    1927   2
    1960   3

    1974   4
    1987   5
    1999   6

    2012   7
    2027   8
    2046   9

    China (according to six national population censuses)

    Year   Population
    1953  602 million
    1964  723 million

    1982  1.03 billion
    1990  1.16 billion

    2000  1.29 billion
    2010  1.37 billion

    • China's Aging Population Rises to Nearly 178 Mln
    A government report released Tuesday showed that the number of China's citizens at and above 60 years old had increased to 177.65 million.
    • Aging Population May Bring Changes to Family Planning Policy
    In the midst of an aging population in Shanghai, an article in the China Daily is calling for local government officials to improve the social welfare system and encourage more eligible couples to give birth to a second child.
    • UN Report: Ballooning Global Population Adding to Water Crisis
    The surging growth in global population, climate change, widespread mismanagement and increasing demand for energy have tightened the grip on the world' s evaporating water supplies, warned a new United Nations report released on Wednesday.