NTC to Probe Gaddafi Death
Chairman of Libya' s ruling National Transitional Council (NTC) Mustafa Abdel Jalil vowed on Monday to soon establish a committee to investigate the death of ex-leader Muammar Gaddafi, and to form an interim government in two weeks.
• ICC Discusses Handover of Gaddafi's Son Saif
• Libyan No-fly Zone Must Be Scrapped by U.N.: Russia
• NATO Asked to Stay "at least One More Month" in Libya
• Fuel Depot Blast in Libya's Sirte Kills 100
• Gaddafi, Son Mutassim Buried at Unknown Place in Desert
• NTC Leadership Declares Libya Liberated
• Senior Official of Libyan NTC Says Interim Government to be Formed in 30 Days
• Ceremony Starts in Benghazi to Mark Liberation of Libya
• Gaddafi Dies of Shots in Head, Abdomen: Report
• Gaddafi's Corpse in Display, Rumors on Autopsy, Handover
• US: Future Role of NATO in Libya Being Discussed
• UN Chief Hails Liberation of Libya as "Historic Juncture"
• Canada Expects Post-Gaddafi Libya to Become Democracy
• NATO Chief Welcomes Libya's Declaration of Liberation
• World Expects Peace Restoration in Libya
• World Leaders React to Gadhafi's Death
• China Calls For Early Establishment of Inclusive Political Transition Process in Libya
• Obama and Norwegian PM Discuss Libya
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Libyan Capital Rejoicing after Gaddafi's Death

Gaddafi Killed in Gun Battle as Libya's Ruling NTC Controls Sirte