Residents Mourn on 3-Year Quake Anniversary

Quake Survivors Lead New Lives, But Recovery Still Far Away
Numerous people have turned over a new leaf of life in quake-ravaged Sichuan, but are still unable to leave all the sorrow behind. Residents Mourn on Anniversary; China Opens Museum to Mourn Dead in 2008 Quake
 [Livecast] Reconstruction Efforts after Wenchuan Earthquake
Mu Hong, vice chairman of National Development and Reform Commission, Wei Hong, executive vice governor of Sichuan Province, Zebazu, vice governor of Gansu Province and Jiang Zelin, vice governor of Shaanxi Province, introduce issues regarding reconstruction efforts since the devastating earthquake in Wenchuan that occurred three years ago.
•  Mending Sichuan's Cultural Pieces after the Quake
•  Rains Slow Road Clearing in Sichuan
• Hope Realized in Sichuan Reconstruction
•  2nd Anniversary for Wenchuan Quake
•  Reconstruction in Sichuan
•  Tourism Reviving in Sichuan
•  Sichuan Sees a New Wave of Foreign Investment After the Quake

Beichuan Earthquake Museum

Rising from the Rubble: People in Yingxiu Celebrate Spring Festival in New Homes
Focus on Reconstruction
• Power Grid Reconstruction Completed in Quake Zone
The State Grid, China's leading power grid operator, said Wednesday that it had completed the reconstruction of power facilities in three of China's western provinces worst hit by an earthquake three years ago.
• 3 Years after Quake, Sichuan Rises Again
Three years after a devastating earthquake, the worst-hit areas in Sichuan and neighboring provinces, phoenix-like, have risen from the rubble.
• Major Panda Reserve Restored after Quake
China has restored most parts of a major giant panda reserve three years after it was seriously damaged by a devastating earthquake.
Financial Support
• Ministry to Spend More on Quake Affairs
• China Allocates 20 Bln Yuan for 2010 Reconstruction of Quake-hit Regions
• Investment in Quake Reconstruction Exceeds 360 Bln Yuan by April
• Macao to Finance 23 More Reconstruction Projects in Quake-Hit Sichuan