NATO Airstrike Kills 3 in Tripoli, Gaddafi Safe
Heavy explosions have rocked Libya's capital as NATO forces renewed attacks on government forces in the city.

Libyan Army to Withdraw from Misrata: Official
Libya's Deputy Foreign Minister Khaled Kaim said Friday that the Libyan army will withdraw from the rebel-held city of Misrata.
• U.S. Launches Predator Drone Airstrike in Libya
The Pentagon said a U.S. Predator drone launched the first strike against government targets in Libya on Saturday.
• Libyan Rebels Receive Weapons from "Friends": CNT Chief
Libyan rebels have received arms provided by "certain friends" but they were "not sufficient," Moustapha Adeljalil, the chief of Libyan Council of National Transition (CNT) said on Wednesday after visiting French President Nicolas Sarkozy.
• White House Dismisses Talks of Larger Role on Libya
The NATO will continue to lead the military operations on Libya while the U.S. will retain the role to "support and assist," the White House said on Monday.
CRI Reports
•  Gaddafi's Supporters Act as Human Shields to Protest A Possible Air Strike
• President of the Libyan People's Parliament Condemns the Attack as "Barbaric"
•  UN Security Council Votes on Libya Late Thursday
•  Libya's No-fly Zone
•  China's Three Principles on Libya's Issues
Voice from Libya
• Libyan Gov't Denies Using Cluster Bombs
• Libya Says Ready for Reforms, Gaddafi Won't Step Down
• Libyan Foreign Minister Defects to London
• Libya Forces Continue Fighting over Land Control
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    Latest Development
    • Humanitarian Spokeswoman Says UN Staff is Leaving Tripoli
    UN staff is leaving the Libyan capital of Tripoli, a spokesperson for the global organization's humanitarian office told Xinhua on Sunday.
    • NATO Mulls New Plan to Strike Pro-Gaddafi Forces
    A NATO official said on Friday that the alliance would take a new plan to step up strikes against pro-Gaddafi forces in Libya to protect civilians.
    • Libya at Risk of Food Security Crisis: UN Agency
    The World Food Program (WFP) warned that Libya is at risk of a full-blown food security crisis within the next 45 to 60 days, UN spokesman Farhan Haq said Thursday.
    • Libyan Rebels Take Over Misrata after Gov't Forces' Pullout
    Libyan rebels took over the city of Misrata, 150 km from the capital Tripoli, after the army had been ordered to retreat from the city, Al-Jazerra TV reported on Saturday.
    International Reaction
    • Britain Expels Libyan Ambassador
    • UN Says Not Time for Getting Troops to Secure Aid Supplies in Libya
    • NATO Confirms Attacks on Libyan Rebels
    • Political Process Right Exit Out of Libyan Dilemma
    • Global Review: West-led Air Strikes Against Libya in Dilemma
    • Political Efforts Intensify Over Libya Crisis