Sales of iPad 2 Start
Apple Inc's iPad 2 will be sold officially on the Chinese mainland Friday, which is expected to help the United States firm boost its revenue in China.
v Why industry insiders say the only way to defeat Apple is to live longer than Steve Jobs...
It is the fight between smart phone business ecosystems. The ecosystem encompasses everything on the industrial chain - hardware, software, developers, applications, e-commerce, advertisements, search engines, social networks, GPS service, telecommunications -- EVERYTHING.

The iPad 2 is thinner.

The iPad 2 is faster.

The iPad 2 has 2 cameras.

Even its cover is smart, too.
It took almost two years for Apple to sell its One Millionth iPod;
On average, the number of downloaded software on each iOS-based device is reckoned at 60.
It took 74 days for Apple to sell its One Millionth iPhone;
Together with iPod, it helped Apple establish a profitable business model of the music industrial chain.
It took only 28 days for Apple to sell its One Millionth iPad.
App Store
A latecomer that develops at an appalling speed, the App Store proves the pile-up effect of the Apple ecosystem.

Samsung's Galaxy S

Motorola's Xoom to Challenge Apple's iPad

Lenovo Unveils Latest LePad

HP Aims to Regain No 2 Spot
"With many major tablet computer makers eyeing the Chinese market, domestic brands need to do more to reverse their disadvantageous position as latecomers." Ben Cavender, Senior Analyst, The China Market Research Group
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Shadow of Apple
Steve Job's Job
All is good for Apple Inc., except for the health of its visionary leader. To millions of fans, the utmost job of Steve Jobs now is to tend his health problems.
• Health of Steve Jobs Affects Apple Inc. and Beyond
• Apple's Jobs Takes Medical Leave Again
Toxic Apple?
Harsh Reality behind Apple Scandal
The health of 137 employees of Apple's Chinese suppliers was adversely affected because of exposure to hexane in their working environment.
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