CRI Launches New Media Broadcasting Network
A new media broadcasting network, the China International Broadcasting Network, has been officially launched in Beijing.
CRI Launches Environmental Protection Project
"CRI in Action: Copenhagen to Cancun" -- a project of China Radio International-- was launched in Beijing on Thursday, which aims to solicit opinions on global warming and call for thinking on the issue through activities on CRI's radio, online and mobile platforms.
CRI, Jiangxi Provincial Gov't Sign Cooperation Agreement
China Radio International and the Jiangxi Provincial Government signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement on international communication Tuesday in Nanchang, the capital city of central China's Jiangxi province.
About CIBN

China International Broadcasting Network or CIBN is officially established in Beijing on January 18, 2011. It is an excellent event for China Radio International in the field of new media. See More...

Audio Promo

CRI's New Media Development
The official website of China Radio International (CRI) went online on December 26, 1998 and later was named "CRI Online", which was listed as one of the national key news websites. After ten years' exploration of the new media, CRI, based on CRI Online with the most languages in the world, forms a convergence of a website, online broadcaster, network television and mobile service terminal, all of which are multilingual.
Development of Multimedia

In July 2006, CRI independently developed its multi-lingual podcasting platform with four languages of Chinese, English, Korean and Japanese. The first multi-lingual podcasting service provided by a professional radio station in China covered mostly audio programs, programs of foreign language teaching, talk show sand many radio programs.

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Dvpt of the Multilingual Website

CRI broadcasted with its original 43 languages in the early days. In 1998, CRI Online was launched with five language versions of Chinese Mandarin, Cantonese, English, German and Spanish.

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Activities of CRI Online
• Sister City Cultivation
• Chinese City Rankings
• Chinese Connection -- Top Ten Int'l Friends of China
• Hello, China
• Chinese Sing Russian Songs
• Singing Contest of Chinese and Vietnamese Songs
• Chinese Perform Indian Singing and Dancing