Mother Polar Bear Loses Her Cubs
A very malnourished mother polar bear guards her even more malnourished two cubs in a small snow drift near camp at Cape Churchill on November 23, 2010 in Manitoba, Canada. Suffering from seizures and close to death these two polar bear cubs are the sad face of the obvious effects of climate change.

• Climate Deal Approved at Cancun
The UN climate change conference finally approved the documents of a climate deal early Saturday after an all-night session, overruling objection from Bolivia.
• Int'l Communities Laud UN Climate Conference in Cancun
United Nations climate change conference in Mexico has concluded after tense talks for two weeks, with agreements adopted to tackle global climate changes and push ahead the UN-sponsored process, which won the applause of the international communities.
• Cancun Conference A Success: Head of Chinese Delegation
The U.N. Climate Change Conference was a success and the Kyoto Protocol had been reaffirmed, the head of the Chinese delegation said Saturday.
• Cancun Climate Talks Send "Positive" Signals: Chinese Delegation
The outcome of the U.N. climate change conference in Cancun sent "positive" signals to the international community, the Chinese delegation said Saturday.
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    China Actions
    v Chinese Delegation Supports Drafts at Cancun Conference
    v China's Chief Negotiator Hails NGO Efforts to Fight Climate Change
    v China Vows Not to Repeat Old Path of Emissions
    v U.S. Envoy Says China Seriously Dealing with Carbon Emissions
    v China Displays Low-carbon Efforts at Special Event in Cancun
    v China Won't Compromise on Issues of Principle
    v Chinese Official Calls for Reasonable Room for Development in Climate Talks
    v Cancun Is Not the Final End of the Game: Chinese Negotiator
    • United Nations Climate Change Conference in Cancun
    • Int'l Communities Laud UN Climate Conference in Cancun
    • Cancun Conference A Success: Head of Chinese Delegation
    • Chinese Delegation Hopes Countries Abide by One-China Policy at Cancun
    • Guatemala Calls for "Life-saving" Climate Deal
    • World Bank to Help Developing Countries Respond to Climate Change
    • S. America, C. Asia at Risk from Glacier Melt: UN
    • UN Climate Chief Calls for Unity in Climate Talks
    • Countering Climate Change Calls for Concerted Cooperation
    • Final Accord Reached at Cancun Despite Bolivia's Objection
    • Reconciling Differences Key to Success at Cancun
    • Developed Countries Unlikely to Meet 2012 Deadline of Carbon Reduction Due to Poor Action
    World Actions
    • Australia Announces $78.7 Mln Climate Funding
    • BASIC Nations Say 3 Issues Non-negotiable at Cancun Talks
    • U.S. Bets on Technology to Beat Climate Change
    • EU Open to another Period of Kyoto Protocol: Officials
    • World Banks Seeks to Fight Climate Change in Cities
    • World Mayors Pledge to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions
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