"Aftershock" Moves Beijing to Tears

China's bankable director Feng Xiaogang, best known for his comedy films, offers a tear-jerker this time about a family drama set after the 1976 Tangshan earthquake. "Aftershock" opens in China in IMAX on July 22, 2010. Distributors are in talks to bring the film to North America.  [Synopsis]   [About Feng Xiaogang]
v 'Aftershock' to Grab Oscar Entry
The blockbuster film, "Aftershock," which is the most successful film ever made in China, has been chosen to compete for the nomination at the 83rd Academy Awards next February.
v Feng's 'Aftershock' Sets New Record
Feng Xiaogang's "Aftershock" has taken just two weeks to become the most profitable Chinese-language film ever.
v Quake Film Triggers Calls for Shake-up of Film Approval System
As long as movies are officially approved for release in cinemas, they are supposed to be suitable for people of all ages to watch.
v 'Aftershock' Continues Strong Box Office Sales
Feng Xiaogang's latest film has raked in 400 million yuan (US$58.6 million) as of August 1.
v 'Aftershock' beyond Expectation: Audiences
Nearly half of the audiences of Chinese director Feng Xiaogang's earthquake film 'Aftershock' have recognized the film as "beyond expectations".
v 'Aftershock' Earns US$ 15 million in 3 Days
Chinese disaster film "Aftershock," by director Feng Xiaogang, has made more than 15 million U.S. dollars at the box office in three days since its opening.
v "Aftershock" Moves Beijing to Tears
The highly-anticipated Chinese earthquake film "Aftershock," directed by Feng Xiaogang, opened nationwide on Thursday, July 22, and it has moved Beijing audiences to tears.
v Film "Aftershock" Opens to Public
Chinese director Feng Xiaogang's latest film "Aftershock," based on the tragic Tangshan earthquake some 30 years ago, opened on July 22.
v MV Released for "Aftershock" Theme Song
A music video for the theme song of director Feng Xiaogang's tearjerker "Aftershock" was released.
v "Aftershock" Premieres in Hong Kong
The premiere of director Feng Xiaogang's latest film "Aftershock" was held in Hong Kong on Sunday, July 18th.
v Repairing Wounded Souls
Movie critic Liu Bangbang says Feng Xiaogang's IMAX disaster film "Aftershock" is not about showing off special effects.
v Tangshan Watches "Aftershock" With Tears
Director Feng Xiaogang brought his latest film "Aftershock" to Tangshan for the world premiere Monday.

Synopsis: July, 1976. Tangshan, China. Seven-year-old Fang Deng is enjoying a summer night with her parents, not knowing that in a few hours her father will be gone and her mother will make a decision that will haunt her life for the next 32 years. [More]
Feng Xiaogang, born in 1958 in Beijing, is one of China's most bankable filmmakers. Feng is credited for popularizing the genre "he sui pian" (literally New Year Celebrations Films). [More]

The film "Aftershock" is set after the Tangshan earthquake.

On July 28, 1976, the city of Tangshan in northern China's Hebei Province was hit by a 7.8-magnitude earthquake that left 242,769 dead and 164,851 critically injured.
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