Coalition to Take Country in New Direction: Cameron
The Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition government would take the country in an historic new direction, new British Prime Minister David Cameron said Wednesday afternoon.
• British Conservatives Win Last Seat in 2010 Election
Britain's Conservatives have won the final seat of the new parliament in a delayed parliamentary election vote in northern England on Friday.
• UK New Gov't Announces 1st Public Spending Cuts
Britain's new coalition government moved quickly Monday to begin its major task of cutting the record public deficit of 156 billion pounds (about 225 billion U.S. dollars).
•  UK New Government Leaders Vow United Collaboration for Changes
For the first time in over 60 years, the Rose Garden of the Downing Street has seen two leaders of a coalition government giving a joint press conference. The leaders of the newly formed British government said they would work together to bring changes to the country.
• NZ PM Congratulates Cameron on Becoming British PM
New Zealand Prime Minister John Key congratulated David Cameron on becoming the next British prime minister.
•  David Cameron Becomes Britain's New Prime Minister
After 13 years in opposition, the UK's Conservative Party is now in power, and David Cameron is the new British Prime Minister. It took days of political negotiations, but a coalition government has been formed with the Liberal Democrats.
• Australian PM Congratulates New British PM
Australia will continue to share a good relationship with the United Kingdom following the election of the new British coalition government, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd said on Wednesday.

• Britain Embraces New PM

• Brown Resigns as British Prime Minister

• Brown Says to Quit as Labour Leader

• British Electors Deliver Vote of No Confidence in Political Parties

• Exit Poll: Tories Win but Miss Overall Majority in UK Election

• Hope Dim for UK Labor Party to Win General Election

April 6: British PM Calls General Election for May 6

April 12: The Dissolution of Parliament

April 15: First TV Debate on Domestic Affairs

April 22: Second TV Debate on Int'l Affairs

April 29: Final TV Debate on Economy

May 6: Election Day

May 7: the Declaration of Election Result

May 18: Parliament Returns

Main Political Parties
• Labour Party

Gordon Brown

Election Manifesto
• Conservative Party

Leader: David Cameron

Election Manifesto
• Liberal Democrat Party

Leader: Nick Clegg

Election Manifesto
China - Britain Relations
• Britain Sees China as Partner, Not Rival: Foreign Secretary
• China, Britain Inaugurate Strategic Dialogue at Higher Level
• British Foreign Secretary Calls for Greater UK-China Cooperation in Peacekeeping
• China, Britain to Lift Level of Strategic Dialogue Mechanism
• Britain, China Pledge Closer Military Ties
• Backgrounder: Timetable, Basic Facts of British General Election
• Backgrounder: Policies of British Labour and Conservatives on Major Issues
• Backgrounder: Basic Facts of Britain's General Election