Britain Extends No-fly Zone Due to New Volcanic Ash
The British Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) on Wednesday extended a no-fly zone over Scotland, Northern Ireland and northwest England because of volcanic ash.
Icelandic Volcano Eruption may Accelerate Glacial Melting: Scientist
The recent eruption of a volcano that sits under a glacier in Iceland may cause the ice field to disappear more quickly due to a warming climate.
Ash Cost Air Industry Up to 3.3 Billion Dollars: EU
The European Commission on Tuesday outlined measures to help air industry overcome economic consequences of the volcanic ash crisis, which was estimated to be worth up to 2.5 billion euros (3.3 billion U.S. dollars).
France Announces 260mln Euros Loss in Volcanic Ash Trouble
The disruption of civil aviation due to volcanic ash clouds from Iceland has cost France 260 million euros (346.6 million U.S. dollars) in sectors of air traffic and tourism, French State Secretary for Tourism Herve Novelli announced Monday.
Volcanic Ashes Worry Icelandic Farmers
Icelandic farmers living in the areas near the erupting volcano under the Eyjafjallajokull glacier have deep worries over the health condition of their farm animals which could easily get exposed to volcanic ashes on their farms.
Volcano Eruption Weakens in Iceland
After triggering widespread disruptions to air travel in Europe, the volcano eruption in Iceland is weakening, though no one knows when it will stop.

European Flights Back to Normal: Eurocontrol

Aurora Seen in Volcano Eruption

KLM Tests Flying through Volcanic Ash Cloud

About 84 Percent of U.S. Flights to Europe Canceled

Volcanic Ash Causes Air Traffic Chaos in Europe

Iceland's Volcanic Ash Halts Flights across Europe

Iceland on the Map

The current spate of volcanic eruptions from under Iceland's Eyjafjallajokull glacier started Wednesday. Since then, thick clouds of black and brown ash have been spreading south and east to other parts of Europe. The ash cloud has now spread east to Russia and is heading south close to Greece. Winds will continue to blow in the same direction for at least two days and could go on until the middle of next week, spreading more ash throughout the European continent.

Countries and Airports Affected
• Most Swedish Airports Remain Closed
• British Flights Ban Extended But May be Lifted on Tuesday
• Volcanic Ash Not to Affect Turkey within Next 24 Hours: Official
• Air NZ Flights to Europe Remain Suspended
• Volcanic Ashes Add to Central, Eastern European Airlines' Financial Woes
• Switzerland Extends Air Travel Ban Due to Volcanic Ash
• Controversial Flight Ban Extended again in Germany
• Turkey Restricts Airspace due to Volcanic Ash