A Long Journey to Build a Wind Energy Resource Base
The Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region that lies on China's northern border is eager to supply its surplus wind energy to other parts of the country, but it is easier said than done.
Expert: Low-carbon Economy Should Change Energy Consumption Pattern
Low-carbon has become a hot topic since the Copenhagen Conference. People in many countries have begun to talk about topics related to this popular term, such as low-carbon life, low-carbon calculator and low-carbon economy.
Baoding Plans for a Low-carbon Economy
Baoding in north China's Hebei Province has made great progress as one of the experimental cities of the China Low-carbon City Development Project, a municipal official told CRI recently.
Ulanqab, a City Powered by Wind
Ulanqab, in north China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, is a city with strong winds all year round. In the past, the strong winds there caused much distress, destroying the homes of some residents. However, nowadays, the wind can be a source of profit for local residents.
Low-carbon Education Starts from Small Children
Low-carbon, a popular term this year, should influence everyone's life, especially small children, who will create the future of our country.
Solar Power Breathes New Life to Dezhou City
Dezhou is a medium-sized city located in east China's Shandong Province. In the past decade, the city has gradually gained a reputation as a solar city. Besides new water heaters and solar-powered street lamps, the green technology based on clean energy has brought many other benefits to Dezhou.
 Official: Good Wind Needs a Helping Hand to Blow
 Sow the Low-Carbon Seed in the Hearts of Children
 Super-grid-EU's Renewable Energy Integration Plan
 Waste the New Wealth in China's Green Energy Sector
 Experts Call for Increased Water Use Efficiency
 Experts Say Increase in Garbage Treatment Charge Justified
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