'Festival of Spring' in Rome

'Cultures of China, Festival of Spring' 2010
'Cultures of China Festival of Spring' is a high level annual performance event held for the celebration of the Chinese New Year.
• 'Festival of Spring' in Rome
• 'Festival of Spring' Arrives in New York
• 'Festival of Spring' in Belgium
• "Cultures of China, Festival of Spring" Visits Japan
• Chinese 'Festival of Spring' Artists Visit Melbourne
• Chinese Artists Greet Malaysian Audiences
• HK Film Week Starts in Athens
• Indonesia Issues Chinese New Year Stamp
• Vigorous Youth Dancers Promote Chinese Culture in Britain
From February 15 to March 10, five Chinese art troupes and two performing groups will travel to countries in North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Oceania to present highly acclaimed performances including folk songs, folk dances and symphony concerts and send Chinese New Year wishes to overseas Chinese and audiences all over the world...

Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council of P. R. China

China Oversea Exchange Association

Yan Weiwen
Meng Ge
Liu Xiaona
Tan Jing
Lei Jia
Chen Jun
Performing Troupes
The Central Policy Song & Dance Ensemble of P.L.A.
Chinese PLA Military Orchestra
The China National Ethnic Song and Dance Ensemble
Guizhou Song and Dance Troupe
Kunming Ethnic Song and Dance Troupe

To North America

02/19/2010  Los Angeles
02/21/2010  San Francisco
02/24/2010  Philadelphia
02/26/2010  Boston
02/28/2010  New York
03/05/2010  Chicago
03/07/2010  Toronto, Canada

To South America

02/17/2010  Panama City, Panama
02/21/2010  Lima, Peru
02/24/2010  Buenos Aires, Argentina
02/28/2010  San Paulo, Brazil
03/06/2010  Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

To Europe

02/18/2010  Paris, France
02/21/2010  London, Britain
02/24/2010  Brussels, Belgium
02/27/2010  Milan, Italy
03/01/2010  Venice
03/04/2010  Naples
03/06/2010  Rome

To Asia

02/16/2010  Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia
02/20/2010  Manila, Philippines
02/22/2010  Tokyo, Japan
02/26/2010  Nagoya, Japan
03/01/2010  Osaka, Japan 
03/03/2010  Kobe, Japan

To Oceania

02/17/2010  Melburne, Australia
02/20/2010  Sydney
02/21/2010  Sydney
02/24/2010  Adelaide
02/28/2010  Auckland, New Zealand
03/02/2010  Christchurch City, New Zealand