Cast: Xiao Shenyang, Yan Ni, Sun Honglei, Ni Dahong

Boss Wang (Ni Dahong) is the miserly proprietor of the aforementioned eaterie, whose wife, played by Yan Ni, he suspects is having an affair with wimpish employee Li (Xiao Shenyang). He hires a corrupt police officer, Zhang (Sun Hunglei) first to confirm his wife's infidelity and then to kill the two lovers. Zhang, however, has his own scheming agenda - which leads to betrayal, mayhem and murder.

Director Zhang Yimou
Criticism of "Noodle Story" Is Undeserved
by Tian Tian,
"A Simple Noodle Story" has surprisingly received excessive criticism. The unfavorable comments do not concern the film itself, but rather its director, who is now subject to the analysis of cynical critics.
A Simple Noodle Story Review
by James Marsh, December 10, 2009
That said, the film must certainly be deemed a success, both as an experimentation for the director, as an adaptation of Blood Simple and as a screwball comedy in its own right.Without a doubt, he wants the film to be regarded as a light-hearted affair, a sentiment underscored by the full-cast song and dance routine that accompanies the closing credits.
When Remakes Look Awesome: Zhang Yimou's "Blood Simple" Redo Has a Trailer, Rap Song
By Christopher Campbell, Nov 18th 2009
Not only does the film seem far removed from the original film, it also appears to be a new direction for the artist who gave us serious historical dramas like Ju Dou and Raise the Red Lantern and gorgeous action spectacles like Hero and House of Flying Daggers.
'Mo Is No Mo'
By Huang Hung (China Daily), December 22
The Mighty seemed to have fallen in December 2009. The release of Zhang "Yimo's" latest picture has caused a serious wave of Mo trashing on the Internet. As one netizen put it on Sina's twitter: "Mo is no Mo'."
Nothing More than a Hodgepodge of Silly Humors
by George Zhao, CRIENGLISH
For a respected director who built up his reputation with 20 years of efforts, isn't it more crucial for him to maintain a high artistic level, rather than abuse his fame for quick money?
Zhang just Wants to Have Fun
By Michele Scrimenti, Global Times
The movie was indeed entertaining, unlike bad Zhang's efforts but unfortunately, it wasn't at the artistic caliber of good Zhang either. For now we'll have to make do with his new incarnation, fun Zhang.
Mixed Reviews Fail to Deter Zhang Yimu Fans at New Film Box Office
By Xinhua
Famed Chinese director Zhang Yimou's latest film has taken more than 100 million yuan (14.49 million U.S. dollars) at the box office, despite a mixed reception.
Director Says
• Zhang Hoping Youth Tries 'Noodle'
"I will be more than thrilled if young people take up a majority of audiences and the film receives good feedback from them."
• Zhang Says 'Blood Simple' Has Shades of Chow
Zhang was unapologetic about his shift from art-house cinema to commercial movies - a move that has prompted criticism - saying China's booming film market needs diversity.
• Zhang Yimou's Comic Relief
Director said how many times the audience laughs over the 'Noodle' film is his only criterion for success.
About the Movie
A source of negative media buzz and critical sniffing. Director Zhang Yimou''s latest project ''A Simple Noodle Story'' has becomes a controversial project. How do you like it?
Excellent, better than expected
I agree with the critics
A somewhat unpleasant comedy
Difficult to say