Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao met in Copenhagen with U.S. President Barack Obama on Friday to discuss climate change.

Copenhagen Accord a Step of "Important Significance" on Climate Change
China's top meteorologist said on Tuesday that the Copenhagen Accord can be seen as an important and significant step forward.
Copenhagen Climate Accord Offers Mixed Bag
UN Secretary-General Ban Ki- moon admitted Monday that he was not fully satisfied with the outcome of the climate talks in Copenhagen but said he was pleased that the political accord set the foundations for future negotiations.
Quotes from Wen at Copenhagen Conference:

"It's nonnegotiable and unconditional."

"Priorities for developing countries are economic development and elimination of poverty."

"It is a matter of principle, the principle of common but differentiated responsibilities."
Talk to the Experts
Environmentalist Julie Adams talks to CRI's Dominic Swire about her charity Marine Dream.
Qu Xiaohua Canadian Solar is a vertically-integrated manufacturer of ingots, wafers, cells, solar modules (panels) and custom-designed solar power applications. It now becomes one of the industry leaders in China.

China Sets 2020 Emissions Target 
China is going to reduce the intensity of carbon dioxide emissions per unit of GDP in 2020 by 40 to 45 percent compared with the level of 2005.
US to Propose 17 Pct Emissions Cut
The United States will offer a 17% reduction target of its greenhouse gas emissions below 2005 levels by 2020 at the Copenhagen Climate Summit.
India to Reduce Carbon Emission by 20 to 25 pct by 2020

CRI Reports
Ever found yourself throwing things away that could be of use to somebody else? Now one organization attempting to keep useful items out of the landfill is making inroads into China.
•  Delegates in Copenhagen Agree to "Take Note" of the Copenhagen Accord
•  UN Climate Change Conference Closed
•  Delegates Work hard towards Final Deal at Copenhagen Summit
Clean Energy
The Smart Electric drive car is seen during the North American International Auto Show in Detroit.
• Largest Solar Energy Home Community Showcased in S. California
• Tunisia Eyes Solar Power to Trim Energy Consumption
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• More Push Needed for a Positive Result at Copenhagen
• Commentary: Are Developed Countries' Pledges on Emission Reduction Really "Significant?"
• Climate Talks Entering "Crucial Stage," says Chinese Negotiator
Doomsday Film '2012'
  • U.S. Scientist Condemns "2012"
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    Green Revolution in China
    Chinese youngsters wearing hats in the style of endangered animals call for a greater effort to protect the environment at the Copenhagen Climate Change conference.
    • Medvedev Says New Climate Deal Should Be Based on Levels of Development
    • Chinese Real Estate Developers Urged to Cut Carbon Emission
    • China Enjoys Increasingly Share in Clean Energy: WWF Report
    • China's Monkey King to Take on Pollution Challenge
    International Cooperation
    Chinese Vice Premier Li Keqiang hoped China and the United States would strengthen dialogue on policies and seek a more effective cooperative mechanism to promote clean energy development.
    • Chinese, Brazilian Leaders Discuss Climate Change Co-op
    • Wen: China's Climate Action Not Subject to Int'l Monitoring
    Global Climate Change
    Glaciers on the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, also known as Yulong Mountain in Lijiang, Southwest China's Yunnan Province, are melting at an unprecedented rate due to global warming, Xinhua reported on Wednesday.
    • Thousands of Australians Demand Urgent Climate Change Action
    • African Parliamentarians Bemoan Slow Progress in Climate Change Negotiations
    • Climate Change Scandal Deepens
    The controversy surrounding the global warming e-mail scandal has deepened after a BBC correspondent admitted he was sent the leaked messages more than a month before they were made public.
    Chris Gelken's visit to God's Grace Garden, an organic farm in northern China.
    Clean Tech in Copenhagen: A Key Solution to Climate Change
    Clean tech is very much on the radar screen in Copenhagen as a key solution to climate change.
    • Major Stances in Copenhagen Climate Negotiations
    Climate change has become a global issue each country has to face. In the UN negotiations in Copenhagen, there are largely three stances on this issue.
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