Obama's First China Visit

As part of a wider-ranging tour of Asia, US President Barack Obama made stops in both Shanghai and Beijing, meeting with young people and Chinese leaders, So what did Mr. Obama's trip to China accomplish and what does the future hold for the US relationship with greater Asia? CRI brings you a live video webcast at 9:00-10:00am, Nov. 18, Beijing Time.

Guests in Beijing Studio
Qian Liwei
Associate Research Fellow, Institute of American Studies, CICIR.
Guests in LA Studio
Charles "Buck" Stapleton
Professor at West Los Angeles College and California State University, Los Angeles
Ben Tang
Director of Claremont Institute's Asian Studies Programs
CRI Hosts
Paul James
Host of People in the Know

Second Hu-Obama Meeting - Sept 23

First Hu-Obama Meeting - April 1
  • Ping Pong Diplomacy
  • Backgrounder: China-U.S. Joint Commission on Commerce and Trade
  • Chinese Embassy Hails 30 Years of Diplomatic Ties with US
  • 30 Years of Sino-US Relations
  • U.S.-China Diplomatic Ties Significant: Says Lord
  • Mutual Respect Key to U.S.-China Tie: Former U.S. President
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    • U.S. Teenager Dreams of Bringing U.S., China Closer
    • The Future of U.S.-Asia Relations
    • Chinese Premier to meet US President Obama
    • Student Exchanges between China, US Set to Rise
    • Obama's China Trip Fuels Fresh Hope
    • Obama to Discuss with China on Three Major Issues
    • Negotiations Preferred to Solve Sino-US Trade Frictions
    • China Expects Positive Results from Obama's Visit
    • Photo Exhibition of 30 Years of China-US Ties Opens
    • Obama: China Is a Vital US Partner
    • Obama Visit to Solidify US-China Tie: Ambassador
    • US-China Coop "Fundamental" for Both: US Expert
    • Punitive Tariff on Imports of Chinese Tyres Sends Wrong Signal: Australian Minister
    • Commentary: Tyre Case Tarnishes U.S. Image
    • Constructive Co-op Benefits Fundamental Interests of China, U.S.
    • China-US Ties at New Historical Starting Point
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