Dialogue on China-U.S. Relations

President Obama will soon make his first official trip to Asia since taking the Oath of Office in January. Though he has made previous diplomatic missions abroad, the fact that the US President is coming to Asia, and in particular China, within the first year of his administration could well speak volumes to the importance the United States puts on its relationship with Asia. And while many here in China wondered out loud after Mr. Obama was elected as to what his administration's China policy would be, there appears to be a general sense that much of the relationship that was forged under the previous Bush administration remains in place. So what will this trip by President Obama mean in terms of the Sino-US relationship? CRI brings you a live video webcast 9:30-10:30am, Nov. 10, Beijing Time.

Guests in Beijing Studio
Victor Gao
A Director of China National Association of International Studies (CNAIS) and an International Councillor of Asia Society.
Shawn Shieh
Shawn Shieh, a Visiting Scholar at the International Education for Students (IES) Abroad Beijing Center.
Guests in LA Studio
Charles "Buck" Stapleton
Professor at West Los Angeles College and California State University, Los Angeles
Ben Tang
Director of Claremont Institute's Asian Studies Programs
CRI Hosts

Zhao Xiaohua

Paul James
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