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The third summit of the Group of 20 (G20) kicked off in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on Thursday evening.

Chinese FM Describes Hu's Trip to US as Significant, Far-reaching Move
The Chinese foreign minister on Saturday described President Hu Jintao's trip to the United States to attend four important summits as a significant and far-reaching diplomatic move.
President Hu Back Home from UN Meetings, G20 Summit
Chinese President Hu Jintao arrived in Beijing Saturday evening after attending a series of United Nations meetings in New York and the Group of 20 (G20) financial summit in Pittsburgh, the United States.
Hu Calls for Balanced Development
Chinese President Hu Jintao called on world leaders to make every effort to promote global economic growth and a balanced and sustainable socioeconomic development.
• Progress on Financial Reform "Bright Spot" at G20 Summit: Chinese Official
• Chinese President Leaves for Home after Attending UN Meetings, G20 Summit
• G20 Leaders Agree to Continue Stimulus Programs
• US, France, UK Ask Iran to Open Secret Nuclear Site
• Quotable Quotes from Chinese President's Tour in U.S.
v News Analysis: G20 Pittsburgh Summit Ends with Encouraging Yields, Challenges Remain
v Commentary: Pittsburgh Summit Produces Roadmap for Post-crisis World
v A Vital Diplomatic Trip to Boost International Cooperation
CRI Reports
 Chinese Officials and Experts Anticipate Positive Outcomes at the G20
 Why Pittsburgh is Chosen as the Venue for G20 Summit
 Security Council Summit Calls for Stepped up Efforts on Nuclear Non-Proliferation and Disarmament
 Hu Jintao put forward proposal on building a harmonious world at the UN general debate
 Implementation of Exit Strategies Highly Debated on the Upcoming G20
Voices of TODAY
 UN Assembly
CRI's Today host, Chris Gelken, spoke with correspondent Shen Ting about the importance of the upcoming UN meetings.
Sino-US Trade
• US Tariffs on Chinese Tires Spark Concerns over Protectionism
• U.S. Tyre Tariff against G20 Commitments: Chinese FM
• U.S.-China Trade Ties Deepen amid Challenges
• Green Technology May Spark New U.S.-China Trade Boom
• Increase on Trade Tariff against Chinese Tyres Unwise
Clean Technology in China
  • Green Initiatives Attracting Investments
  • Wind May Prop China's Power Rush
  • China to Subsidize Renewable Energy Buildings and Projects
  • China's Promising Green Business Sector
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    64th Session of UN General Assembly
    • Quotable Quotes from Chinese President's Tour in U.S.
    • Uruguay Calls for Expanded Globalization
    • Chile Urges Reform of International Financial System
    • US-Japan Alliance "Cornerstone" of Japanese Foreign Policy
    Climate Change
    • China's Active Climate Policy Thread of Hope to Copenhagen Talks
    • Q & A: What is China Doing to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions?
    • Q & A: How Does Chinese Government React to Climate Change?
    • China Plays Constructive Role in Tackling Climate Change: Official
    Nuclear Non-proliferation
    • Hu Proposes for Building Safer World
    • UN Security Council Adopts anti-Atomic Resolution
    • Global Efforts Indispensable to Promote NPT in Comprehensive, Balanced Way
    • China Valued in UN Peacekeeping Missions: Interview
    G20 Summit
    • News Analysis: G20 Pittsburgh Summit Ends with Encouraging Yields, Challenges Remain
    • Commentary: Pittsburgh Summit Produces Roadmap for Post-crisis World
    • Japanese PM Remarks on Host of Challenges at U.N., G20 Meetings
    • G20 Has Exceptional Role: Lula
    Quotes from President Hu
    On balanced development - "A primary task at present is to counter the international financial crisis and promote a healthy world economic recovery." (G20 Summit in Pittsburgh)
    On building a safer world - "To realize a safer world for all, we must first and foremost remove the threat of nuclear war" (U.N. Security Council nuclear summit)
    On Assisting Developing Countries - "We have made great efforts to provide support and assistance to other developing countries, and fulfilled our commitment under the UN Millennium Declaration." (UN General Assembly)
    v UN Convenes Largest-ever Summit on Climate Change
    v Record Number of World Leaders Meet to Beef up Climate Change Efforts
    v Major Parties' Stances on Climate Talks
    v EU's Common Positions for G20 Summit
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