Chinese Tyre Makers Anger at US' New Tariff
• China Ministry Welcomes US Court's Ruling in Favor of Hebei Tire Maker
China welcomed the decision of the United States Court of International Trade to rule the US Department of Commerce as "unreasonable" for its imposition of anti-dumping duties and countervailing duties on tires from a Chinese maker, the Ministry of Commerce said Wednesday in an online statement.
• US Tariffs on Chinese Tires Spark Concerns over Protectionism
U.S. President Barack Obama's decision last weekend to impose punitive tariffs on tires imported from China has triggered concerns about the rise of protectionism in the lead-up to the Pittsburgh G20 meeting later this month.
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    U.S. President Barack Obama decided to impose a tariff on tires imported from China on Sept. 11, which will begin with a 35-percent duty the first year and decrease to 30 percent the second year and 25 percent the third year on passenger vehicle and light-truck tires from China.
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