The International Grand Bazaar in Urumqi, capital of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, reopened Wednesday for the first time since the deadly riot in the city on July 5.

Court Upholds Penalties to Xinjiang Riot Convicts
The Higher People's Court of Xinjiang has upheld sentences for 21 people who were convicted of murder and other crimes in the deadly July 5 riot in Urumqi, including death penalty to nine convicts.
China Rages over EU Statement on Rioter Execution
China on Friday voiced its strong dissatisfaction and firm opposition to an EU statement which denounced the execution of two Tibetans convicted of murder in last year's Lhasa riot.
China "Dissatisfied" with Kadeer's Japan Visit
China on Tuesday expressed "strong dissatisfaction" with Japan for its allowing a visit by Uygur separatist Rebiya Kadeer.

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Comments and Analysis
• Foreign Experts, Officials Praise China's Ethnic Policy
• Xinjiang Riot Hits Regional Anti-terror Nerve
• Xinjiang Riots Harm Peaceful Ethnic Co-Existence: Egyptian Diplomat
• Urumqi Riots Instigated by Outside Forces: Egyptian Official
• Members of European Parliament Call for Respecting China's Territorial Integrity
•  Uygur Culture and Language Well Preserved in Xinjiang
•  Xinjiang Tourism Recovers Slowly
•  Social Order Restored in Xinjiang Following the Riot
About Xinjiang
• Backgrounder: Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region
• China Rages over EU Statement on Rioter Execution
• Urumqi Party Chief, Xinjiang Police Chief Sacked
• Urumqi Situation under Control: Deputy Mayor
• 5 Dead in Urumqi Protests
• Urumqi Imposes Rules to Ban Unlicensed Demonstrations
• Fresh Confrontations in Urumqi
• Uncertainty Stalks Urumqi Residents
• Kadeer's US Sponsor Has Ulterior Motives
• Xinjiang Migrant Workers Head for Coastal Factories
• 156 Innocent Civilians Dead in 7.5 Riot
Witnesses' Words
• Chinese Gov't Treats All Ethnic Minorities Well: Russian Reporter
• Uygurs Sheltering Hans in Urumqi Riot Testifies Goodwill, Harmony
• "I Will Tell My Friends about What I See in Xinjiang" -- French Tourist
• Urumqi Riot Brings Loss to Other City in Xinjiang
• Friendship, Unity Prevail despite Violence in Xinjiang
Fatal Factory Brawl
• Production Resumes in Toy Factory Which Was Scene of Deadly Brawl
• 15 Suspects Detained over Factory Fight that Triggered Xinjiang Violence
• Uygur Victims of Toy Factory Brawl Condemn Xinjiang Riot
• Rumormonger Held over Fatal Factory Brawl
• Sixty Remain in Hospital after China Toy Factory Brawl
Previous Unrests in Xinjiang
A deadly violence erupted Sunday night, July 5, in Urumqi, capital of northwest China's Xinjiang Autonomous Region. In the past two years, there were also five other unrests in the region. Click to find out the details.
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