We Celebrate Women's Day Twice a Year in Tibet
We celebrate Women's Day twice a year in Tibet, once on March 8, along with the rest of China, and once according to the Tibetan calendar.
Two Days by the Seaside
Last Friday morning I left for Beidaihe with my friends by bus. The place is a famous summer resort in northern China about 280 km east of Beijing. It is renowned for its beautiful scenery and its mild climate. There's a bridge that divides the town in half -- north and south.
A Visit to the Forbidden City
I visited the Palace Museum in the former imperial palace of the Ming and Qing dynasties with my friends last Saturday. I got up very early and traveled there by subway. Luckily, there weren't many people, and we could get a real feel for how big it is.
White and Red in Tibet
Igor Ryzhikov from the Russian Department at CRI visits me from time to time to discuss Tibetan customs. I am always happy to talk about this subject, so this time we talked for more than an hour and a half about the traditional colors of the Tibet Autonomous Region.
From the Bird's Nest to the Highest Place in Beijing
I got up very early last Sunday morning, because two guys from China National Radio were going to take us to visit a few famous sites in Beijing.
Summer in Beijing
Several people warned me that in July Beijing's weather will get much hotter. But I don't feel this - for me the weather has seemed extremely hot all the time!
Five Hours in a Bookstore
I took the subway to a Beijing bookstore last Saturday morning. I had heard Beijing's bookstores were big before coming here, but this one had five floors!
Watching the Flag Lowering Ceremony
We watched the army officer who folded the flag so smartly and the army personnel's procession was so precise, high spirited and professional. We were so excited and proud of our country.
Meeting An Old Friend
Yang Ying is my childhood friend from back in Lhasa. I haven't seen her for 34 years. When she left Lhasa she was only six. When I arrived in Beijing, I sent a message to my friend straight away.
My First Visit to Beijing
After a two-day train journey, I arrived in Beijing with my four colleagues, we're all here to study and work for three months. The others will study at China National Radio. But my major is English, so I will study at China Radio International.
About Tsering Deky

This is my first time in Beijing and the first time I have left my family. Before this trip, I have always stayed in Lhasa.

I graduated from Tibet University as an English major in 1993. After graduation, I became an English teacher in Lhasa Middle School.

In 1998, I changed my career to radio. In 2001, our station established the 'Holy Tibet' English service.

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