Signals Not From Crashed Jet's Black Boxes
Signals were not coming from the black boxes of the crashed Air France Flight 447, a French official said Tuesday, ruling out earlier reports of the jetliner's sounds in the French media.
• French Investigators Continue Searching for Black Boxes of Crashed Plane
French air accident investigators said Wednesday that they will continue to locate the black boxes of the vanished Air France flight.
• British Identified among Victims of Air France Jet
One retrieved body of the crashed Air France jetliner victims has been identified as British, the Interpol said in a statement Tuesday.
• Brazil Identifies 11 Bodies from Air France Jet
Brazilian authorities said Sunday that 11 bodies have been identified from the 50 retrieved from the Air France Flight 447 which crashed into the Atlantic Ocean on June 1.
• Air France Completes Replacement for New Speed Sensors
Air France has replaced all airspeed sensors on its entire fleet of A330 and A340 long-haul aircraft after the crash of Flight 447 over the Atlantic Ocean, a pilots' union said on Monday.
• Forensic Analysis of Air France Crash's Bodies Indicates Plane Did Not Blow up
The preliminary forensic analysis made in some of the rescued bodies of Flight 447's passengers shows that they did not suffer any burns, said local daily O Globo published on Friday.
• Airspeed Sensors Eyed in Crash of Air France Flight 447
An investigation of the crash of Air France Flight 447 is eying the possibility that defective airspeed sensors gave false readings to the plane's computers, but officials say it will be awhile before the cause of the mishap is known.
• Brazil Recovers 3 More Bodies from Air France Flight 447
Brazilian Aeronautics said that they have recovered three more bodies of the victims of the ill-fated Air France flight 447, near Fernando Noronha archipelago, bringing the total to 44.
• Brazil Recovers Four More Bodies from Air France Crash
Four more bodies have been recovered from the Atlantic Ocean near the area where Air France Flight 447 crashed on June 1, Brazil's Navy told reporters on Tuesday.
• Vertical Stabilizer from Crashed Plane Found
Brazilian search crews recovered the vertical stabilizer from a crashed Air France plane in the open Atlantic Ocean, Brazil's military said Monday.
• Brazil Recovers 3 More Bodies near Plane Crash Site
Brazil's air force said it has recovered three more bodies in the Atlantic Ocean near the site where an Air France jetliner was believed to have crashed a week ago. Finding Black Boxes Top Priority
• Finding Black Boxes Top Priority of Crash Investigation: French Official
Finding the flight data and cabin voice recorders of the ill-fated Air France jetliner is the top priority of the ongoing investigation, French Junior Transport Minister Dominique Bussereau said.
• Two Male Bodies Recovered from Area of Air France Plane Crash
Two male bodies were found and recovered in the Atlantic Ocean near the area where an Air France jet was believed to have crashed, the Brazilian Air Force announced. Flight 447 Autopilot Not on before Crash
• Probe Shows Autopilot off before Air France Jetliner Crashed
The agency investigating the crash of Flight 447 said that signals from the missing Air France jetliner suggest that its autopilot was not on before it vanished.
• French Nuclear Submarine to Help Find Missing Airliner
A nuclear submarine will be sent to help find the Air France airliner that went missing over the Atlantic, French Defense Minister Herve Morin announced Friday.
Route Map: Air France Flight 447
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A debris field scattered across three miles (five kilometers) of open water marks the spot in the Atlantic Ocean where an Air France Airbus A330-200 went down with 228 people on board.

But until the plane's all-important black box recorders are recovered from the depths of the Atlantic, just what caused mishap and doomed Flight 447 will continue to haunt all of those concerned.


The reason for the crash remains unclear, with strong thunderstorms, lightning or a catastrophic combination of causes as possible theories


Brazilian officials said the plane disappeared over the Atlantic somewhere between a point 186 miles (300 kilometers) northeast of their coastal city Natal and the Cape Verde islands off Africa.

The region is known as the "horse latitudes," where the tropics of the Northern and Southern Hemispheres mix, sometimes creating brutal thunderstorms that can rise to 55,000 feet (16,760 meters), higher than commercial jetliners can go.


What caused the accident? Experts are at a loss to explain the crash.

The crew made no distress call before the crash but the plane's system sent an automatic message just before it disappeared, reporting lost cabin pressure and electrical failure.