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Zhang Ziyi as Sophie

Comic book artist Sophie is a strong-willed lady. After her boyfriend dumps her... [more]
So Ji-Sub as Jeff

The handsome surgeon Jeff gets caught between his ex Sophie and his current love Joanna... [more]
Fan Bingbing as Joanna

Beautiful movie star Joanna just cannot stand the idea of her... [more]
Peter Ho as Gordon

Photographer Gordon gets entangled in Sophie's web of intrigue... [more]
Yao Chen as Lily

Sophie's confidant, Lily's biggest life goal is to marry rich... [more]
Ruby Lin as Lucy

Lucy, another close friend of Sophie, insists that marriage is a farce... [more]

See how Zhang Ziyi tickles your funny bone in a romantic comedy of which she is also a producer.

Director: Jin Yimeng
Writer: Jin Yimeng
Country: China/South Korea
Language: Mandarin
Release Date (China): August 14, 2009
Comic book artist Sophie is a lovely and carefree girl brimming with creativity. She and her handsome surgeon boyfriend of two years, Jeff, are a perfect couple. That is until... [more]