Pandas' Permanent Home---Ya'an

A round head, large black eye patches and a cuddly, clumsy and overall cute appearance give the giant panda innocent and childlike quality that people love so much.

Enjoying Tea at Mt. Mengding

v Andrew Peterson's Diary - Friday, May 29, 2009
It's hard to believe that our time in Sichuan has nearly come to an end. We're spending the night in Emei, after having had another whirlwind day touring this spectacular province.
v Andrew Peterson' Diary -- Thursday, May 28 2009
Andrew Peterson, one of the top prize winners of China Radio International's 'Charming Sichuan' knowledge contest, visits the Bi Fengxia Giant Panda Reserve in Ya'an in Sichuan on Thursday.
v Andrew Peterson' Diary -- Wednesday, May 27, 2009
It's been a day of travel, ceremonies and banquetsĦ­with a museum visit thrown in as well. We left Beijing first thing this morning and flew to Chengdu and you could feel the difference in the air as soon as you got off the plane ¨C humid and cooler. We were definitely in a new place.
v CRI Contest Award Ceremony Held in Sichuan
The award ceremony for CRI's 'Charming Sichuan' knowledge contest was held at Jinjiang Hall in Chengdu, in Sichuan Province on May 27th, 2009 after the winners concluded their trip in Beijing.
v Andrew's Remarkable Experience in Beijing
It's a special and remarkable experience for American Andrew Peterson to visit Tian'anmen Square and the Forbidden City that everyone has seen in movies and on the news.

Eduardo da Silva Ferreira from Brazil

Rosset Pierre- Andre from Switzerland

Budinova Rumyana Asenova from Bulgaria

Cocoru Daniel-Radu-Alexandru from Romania

Mohammad Idi Gargajiga from Nigeria

Prapin Manomaivibool from Thailand

Pachaiyappa Kannan Sekar from India

Andrew Peterson from U.S.

Kim Yeon Joon from S. Korea

Huang Guoping from France
• Monday, May 25 the Great Wall
• Tuesday, May 26 the Forbidden City
• Wednesday, May 27 Jinli Ancient Street
• Thursday, May 28 Panda Reserve
• Friday, May 29 Leshan Buddha
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Deborah Tung  USA
It was very interesting learning about Sichuan. Thank you for the knowledge. I would love to visit there someday. I think pandas are so cute. It is a great gift for the Taipei zoo to receive two of the amazing creatures. I hope to visit there someday with my husband and family. 2009-3-11 2:16:50 

Stephen Newlyn  Australia 
Sichuan Province is beautiful, and has a long history of culture. Tourism is also now becoming a major player in the economy of Sichuan Province. With the help of the central government in Beijing, the re-construction of Sichuan Province is continuing and I have no doubt that Sichuan Province will regain its former self. 2009-3-23:14:02 

Phanla Saybounma  Vietnam
Hi, CRI team. It is my great pleasure to join your quiz. Sichuan is the beautiful place, though I have never been there. Thank you for your kind attempt and always providing us the updated events from around the world.  2009-2-12 10:49:49 

Linda Rosen UK 
Sichuan is a beautiful part of China, full of history, culture and fascinating places. I would like to see sunrise from Mount Emei, visit the Panda sanctuary, taste genuine hot and spicy food, see Chuan opera, and tour the historical sites. I would like to have the opportunity to meet the people since that is the best way of understanding China and building up lasting relationships. 2009-1-22 22:45:22