Austrian Director Wins Top Award in Cannes
Austrian director Michael Haneke won the Palme d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival on Sunday for his film "Das Weisse Band" ("The White Ribbon").
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  • Austrian Director Wins Top Award in Cannes
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    Ang Lee - 'Taking Woodstock'

    Johnnie To - 'Vengeance'

    Tsai Ming-Liang - 'Visages'

    Lou Ye - 'Spring Fever'
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    v Sharmilla Tagore III (Actress - India)
    v Robin Wright Penn (Actress - United States)
    v Shu Qi (Actress - China)
    v Hanif Kureishi (Writer, screenwriter - United Kingdom)
    v James Gray (Director, screenwriter - United States)
    v Lee Chang-Dong (Director, writer, screenwriter - South Korea)
    v Nuri Bilge Ceylan (Director, screenwriter, actor - Turkey)
    v Asia Argento (Actress, director, screenwriter - Italy)
    Ang Lee   Visages   Shu Qi  

    Coco Chanel   Poster   Opening

    Photo Gallery   Johnnie To   Up  

    Peter Chan   Red Carpet

    v Ge You - 'To Live'
    v Maggie Cheung - 'Clean'
    v Tony Leung - 'In the Mood for Love'
    v Wong Kar-Wai - 'Happy Together'
    v Chen Kaige - 'Farewell My Concubine'
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