Joint-venture Bridges China Market and Foreign Carmakers
Visitors to the ongoing Auto Shanghai 2009 continue to be thrilled by exhibitions of the latest products from joint ventures between Chinese and foreign brands. These new models, which are designed especially for Chinese customers, demonstrate the urgency with which foreign players want to grab a share of the China automobile market, currently the world's largest.
• Favorable Policies Required in 'Green' Vehicle Promotion: BYD
New-energy vehicles boasting high fuel efficiency or zero emissions are attracting many visitors at the ongoing Auto Shanghai show. However, due to their high price tag, lack of fast charging stations for electric and hybrid electric vehicles these cars remain out of reach to most consumers.
• BYD's First MPV Available for Market in Sept.
The Warren Buffet-backed BYD Auto released its first Multi-purpose Vehicle model, or MPV, at the ongoing Auto Shanghai show, targeting profits from the high-end MPV market.
• Joint-venture Company Safe in China
While the American GM is still struggling to pull itself out from its current financial plight, Shanghai GM showed its confidence in the China market by debuting six new cars and displaying its full-line of products at Auto Shanghai 2009.
• Roewe N1: 3G Auto Life
Is surfing the internet while driving a possibility? That may not be a dream anymore. A car which aims to combine 3G computer capability and a comfortable driving environment has been unveiled at the 13th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition.
• Global Auto Makers Woo Shanghai Auto Expo
Global automakers gripped in an industry recession are wooing chances of the upcoming Shanghai auto expo as China overtook America to become's the world's largest auto market in the first quarter.
• World's First DM Electric Car Faces Dilemmas 
The chances of the world's first compact battery operated sedan, which is not reliant on charging stations, seems still a long way off. The new-style vehicle produced by Shenzhen-based BYD Auto, has sold only 80 units since its launch last December.
A Glimpse of 'Green' Vehicles at Auto Shanghai Show
'Green' vehicles have been a highlight of the just-concluded Auto Shanghai show. Let's have a closer look at some of them.
Transformer Bumblebee Comes to China
The sports car Chevrolet Camaro 2010, a star of the film "Transformers", makes its Asian debut at Auto Shanghai 2009 on Monday, April 20, 2009. The car will also appear in the film "Transformers II".
Cadillac Escalade Hybrid to Go on Sale in China
As a car that incorporates the world's first 2-mode hybrid system to power a full-size SUV, Shanghai GM's brand-new Cadillac Escalade will soon offer an experience combining both luxury and green technologies to Chinese drivers.
'Shanghai' New-energy Cars to Serve 2010 Expo
Around 1,000 environmental friendly vehicles produced by SAIC Motors will help realize a 'green' Shanghai Expo in 2010.
Jeaned LOVA: Please Call Me Cowboy
A LOVA model from Shanghai General Motors promotes their products at the Auto Shanghai 2009 on Tuesday, April 21, 2009. This model 'wears' Levi's jeans! Both exterior and interior body of the vehicle take on the classic elements of jeans.
Auto Shanghai 2009 Takes the Spotlight amid Global Slump
Earlier this year, both the Detroit and Geneva shows saw smaller numbers of participants compared to previous years, with some major auto players absent. But now, the Shanghai show might have overtaken them as it is putting on a brave foot forward, providing a great platform for global players amid the lingering financial turmoil.
Joint-venture Company Safe in China
While the American GM is still struggling to pull itself out from its current financial plight, Shanghai GM showed its confidence in the China market by debuting six new cars and displaying its full-line of products at Auto Shanghai 2009.
Brilliance Auto Remains Calm amid EV Fever in China
Brilliance Auto debuted their electric car Zhonghua EV on the Shanghai Auto Show. But, unlike some industry counterparts who are eager to announce a deadline for new-style car marketing, Brilliance Auto showed caution on the issue.
• 'Shanghai' New-energy Cars to Serve 2010 Expo • Automakers Should Take Caution In Overseas M&A
• Brilliance Auto Remains Calm amid EV Fever in China • Auto Shanghai 2009 Takes the Spotlight amid Global Slump
• Roewe N1: 3G Auto Life • Global Auto Makers Woo Shanghai Auto Expo
• New Energy Auto A Must for China, but Not Now • Still Long Way ahead Electric Cars
Domestic automaker Chery will join Auto Shanghai 2009 with a new image of 'Big Chery', as part of its plan to enter the high-end market segment.
Dongfeng Aeolus will meet consumers at the upcoming Auto Shanghai 2009 exhibition.
S8 is China's first self-reliance coupe that features a retractable hard top.
China's largest independent carmaker plans to launch a new model avalanche at the AUTO Shanghai 2009.
The next-generation Buick LaCROSSE will show up at this year's most anticipated Auto Shanghai show.
Mercedes-Benz plans to thrill its audiences with the the company's largest contingent ever sent to a Chinese auto show.
Honda and its two joint-venture factories jointly participate the Auto Shanghai 2009.
BMW will bring the Z4 Roadster to the Auto Shanghai 2009.
Roewe N1
The concept car, Roewe N1, displays SAIC Motor's answer to a future which combines driving and technology.
The GTbyCITROEN is reportedly inspired by a car in the Gran Turismo 5 racing game.
New Volvo S60
The New Volvo S60 Concept Car has received the latest version of Adaptive Cruise Control, which now adapts driving speed to suit all conditions.
The Toyota Series
Toyota will show off its five concept cars at the Shanghai show, namely i-Real, FT-EV, FCHV-adv, Hi-CT, and F1.


Anhui Jianghuai


Auto Shanghai 2009, or the 13th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition, will open from April 22nd until the 28th, at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre.

More Cars to Be Released                  Up to 1,500 enterprises from 25 countries will put their latest vehicles and auto-related products in the spotlight. These numbers are much larger compared to this year's Detroit Auto Show and Geneva Motor Show.

The vehicles to be on display will occupy 170,000 square meters of space, 20 percent larger than the previous Shanghai auto show.

13 Foreign Cars to Debut Here      Multinational auto producers will unveil a total of 13 new concept cars, eight more than last year, at the Shanghai auto show...[Full Story>>]
New-energy Cars Highlighted        What's noticeable is, many automakers have announced they plan to bring their new-energy vehicles, mostly electric cars or hybrid cars, to Shanghai.
•  Ford hits Shanghai Autoshow with the concept of "Drive Green, Smart and Safe"
•  GM Executive: Restructuring Will not Affect GM's Business in China
•  Auto Shanghai 2009 takes the spotlight amid global slump
•  New Energy Cars: So near, or So Far Away?
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