Dalian is in the southernmost point of Liaodong Peninsula; with the Yellow Sea to its east and the Bohai Sea to its west, an attractive coastal city and a major Chinese Port.
Dalian: In the Name of Fashion and Soccer
Crowned as "Oriental Paris", Dalian boasts around one hundred plazas, each with its own style and stories. However, Dalian's charm lies most in its inner passion and fashion taste.
Dalian: Beach, Fashion and More
Known as the "Hong Kong of Northern China", it is the center of information, finance, trade, and tourism in East Asia.
International Friends Fascinated by Dalian
Some of the visitors from around the world love the city so much that they have decided to stay in the metropolis, which is known as the Hong Kong of the north.
Dalian: China's Best Tourist City
With beautiful scenery, nice environment and fast development, this romantic city ranks among China's best tourism destinations in many people's hearts.
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Dalian through Your Lenses
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