Paradise on Earth-Hangzhou
Praised by Marco Polo as "the noblest city and the best metropolis in the world," Hangzhou is one of the most beautiful places in China.
[Review]Beauty And Dinner-A Great Combination in Hangzhou
After a long day of activities I couldn't get more excited when my colleague informs me that tonight's meal is going to be something far from the ordinary.
[Audio] Home of China's Tea Culture
Nestled amid the peaks adjoining the West Lake wonderland, China's famous Longjing Tea Plantation hosts the National Tea Museum.
[Traveller] In Hangzhou, a Glimpse of Old China
The author joined a group of journalists on a one-week visit to Hangzhou, where they relexed around West Lake and toured a handful of the city's resorts.
[Audio Tour] Hangzhou Bay Bridge
The Hangzhou Bay Bridge is the longest cross-sea bridge in the world. It connects the municipality of Shanghai and Ningbo in Zhejiang Province.
Hangzhou Tea Expo
My Trip to Hangzhou
• [Sofia] Time to Visit Heaven on Earth
• [Sofia Gronvall] Jin Yong Tea House
Hangzhou in Your Eyes
• Tea Culture: East vs. West
Tea is no longer only a beverage. It has become a lifestyle. What kind of lifestyle all depends on where in the world you're looking to settle down for a cup.
• Hangzhou-A Journey along the River
Hangzhou is the town called by the natives, "the paradise city" and a place where business men from Shanghai, located one hour away, go to relax and get energised.
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