A famous traveller Arthur Miranda used to say that, "Once a traveller comes to Dali, he never wants to leave." In his book which listed his top 50 "must-see" places he put Dali at number 3. 
[Traveller] Sightseeing in Dali
As an ancient capital city, Dali is studded with numerous historical sites besides the stunning natural sceneries.
[Audio Tour] Natural Beauty of Dali
Cangshan Mountain and Erhai Lake are the must-visit scenic spots in Dali, known as the "Snow-covered Cangshan Mountains and Jade-Green Erhai Lake."
[Audio Tour] Dali-A Legendary City in Yunnan
For hundreds of years, Dali has been the heart of Yunnan. Now, it's historic heritage, stunning natural beauty and diverse cultures have made it a must-visit in this part of China.
[Traveller] Backpackers' Paradise
Dali's name appeared on foreign tourist maps earlier than Kunming, Yunnan's capital city. Ambassadors from 70 countries bring their families to Dali for summer vacation.
Dali Princess
Cast and Setting

Film Setting: Dali, Yunnan
Starring: Ruby Lin, Liu Tao
Broadcast network: CCTV

Dali Through Your Lenses
---Photos by Zhang Chi
----Photos by onequinox
What to See
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v [Dali Three Pagodas] v [Dali Ancient City]
v [Foreigners' Street] v [The Bai Ethnic Group]
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