The Awakening Phoenix
Hidden in the deep green mountain ranges in the southwestern part of China's Hunan Province, the ancient town of Phoenix attracts many backpackers as a place that lets them escape the hustle and bustle of city life.
Three Faces of Ancient Phoenix
Local people's daily routines evolve around the river and according to its different features in one day, Phoenix takes on varying looks, just like the diverse roles of a woman.
[Audio Tour] Fenghuang Town
Fenghuang is a small town located on the southwestern border of Hunan Province. It lies on the southern side of Wulin Mountain. The town is famous for its 1300-year history and beautiful scenery, and it has been featured in many Chinese movies.
The Disapearing History-Fenghuang
Fenghuang a place to stroll the alleyways, to take a boat ride along the Tuojiang River, to sit and observe the local people going about their business, and to imagine what China was like before the onset of modernization.
General Introduction
Travel Tips
Miao Ethnic Minority
The majority of Fenghuang residents are Miao ethnic minority people. Their lifestyle remains reasonably traditional.

Other Scenic Spots

• Qiliang Cave

• Hong Bridge
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