Pearl Lake


Miyun Reservoir

Jinhai Lake
Beijing Mountain Bar
Located in the Yanxi Nightless Valley of Huairou Beijing, the nightless is about 15 km long lined with different kinds of restaurants, bars and resorts.

Longqing Valley Scenic Area
Peach Garden Paradise Scenic Area
Jingdong Canyon Scenic Area
Chuan Dixia Village
On the ancient land of Beijing lies an ancient mountain village with peaceful tranquilities and distinctive characters. It is "the cultural pearl of ancient villages".
Fangshan Stone Cave
Beijing Fangshan stone cave is the hometown of white marble, the queen of Chinese treasure.
Jingdong Great Limestone Cave
With beautiful natural landscapes, it has reputed as the "First Cave under the Sun".
Hongluo Temple
It leans against the Hongluo Moun-tain in the north and overlooks the Hongluo Lake in the south.
The Tanzhe Temple
Literally "Temple of Pool and Zhe Tree", at one time, it was one of the most important temples in the nation.