During Losa, the Tibetan New Year, Tibetans go to major monasteries, prostrating themselves before Buddha statues to pray for a bumper harvest and better life in the coming year.

Firemen Play Cat and Mouse with Fire Risks in Tibet's Ancient Monuments
To believers and visitors, the old scriptures, wooden artifacts, and colorful prayer flags in the Lhasa's Potala Palace, the former winter palace of the Dalai Lamas, are priceless treasures. But to Logsang Nyancha, they are fire risks.
Tibetan Losar Celebrations
People across China have bid farewell to the Spring Festival celebrations, but another happy occasion is approaching for Tibetans.
Tibetan Women Enjoy Higher Social Status
More and more Tibetan women are now able to participate in discussing State affairs. They currently enjoy equal rights with men in political, economic, social, cultural and family affairs.
The Tibetan New year, known as Losar, is the most important local festival which is celebrated for 2 weeks during the month of December and January as per Tibetan calendar.
Tibet Development Forum
Tibet Diary
v Tibetan Officials Optimistic About Economy in 2009
v Hefty Investment to Go to Highway Construction in Tibet
v Tibet to Bolster Agriculture, Animal Husbandry in 2009
v Tibet's Economy Sustains Strong Growth in 2008
v Software Development Plans to Help Tibet Narrow "Digital Gap"
v People's Daily Article Urges Respect for Tibet's Right to Development
v Tibet's Economy Expects to Grow 10.1 Pct This Year
v Photo Exhibition on Tibet Held in Cyprus
v Potala Palace Repairs to Complete Late 2009
v Tibetan Tangkas Dazzle Beijing
v Tibetans Celebrate Lantern Festival in Temples
v 25 Million Yuan Funds Per Year for Tibet's Culture Industry
v Monks of the Labrang Temple Perform Religionary Dance
v China Makes Great Efforts in Protection of Tibetan Culture
v China Aims to Curb Pasture Degradation in Tibet by 2030
v China Unveils Plan to Preserve Ecological Safety in Tibet
v Glaciers Melting on Qinghai-Tibet Plateau "Worrisome": Scientists
v China Spends Much on Tibetan Relics Protection
v Facts and Figures of Tibetan Development
v Tibet Takes Lead in China's Crusade against "White" Pollution
v Tibetans in SW Chinese Province to Enjoy Improved Living Conditions
v Tibet Spends 120 Mln Yuan on Healthcare in 2008: Official
v Farmers, Herders Cheer up Moving into New Houses
v Tibet Sees 90% College Graduates Employed in 2008
v Tibet Raises Pensions to Benefit 30,000 People
v Farmers, Herders in Tibet Benefit from Road Building Projects
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