Wuyuan, Where Time Stands Still
Hidden deep in the mountains, the town escaped the wartime devastation that obliterated many other parts of ancient China, and it remains in its original state today.
Mainland Tourists Start Sightseeing in Taiwan
The first group of 680 tourists from the Chinese mainland have started their sightseeing in Taiwan after taking historic cross-Strait weekend charter flights to arrive in the island Friday.
Stairway to Heaven-Hani Terrace
An amazing landscape, an art form, or a miracle - whatever you call it, taking these giant staircases on the picturesque mountains in southern China, you may reach heaven.
An Extraordinary Journey to Kekexili
Still fewer would go there alone on a motorcycle and penetrate into the desert for thousands of kilometers.
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v Hani Terrace v Wuyuan, Jiangxi
v Island Etude v Kekexili

[Movie]Postmen in the Mountains

[Featured Place] Suining, Hunan


[Featured Place]Wuyuan, Jiangxi

[Movie]Island Etude

[Featured Place]Taiwan, China


[Featured Place]Xianju Scenic Area

[Movie] Nuan

[Featured Place] Wuyuan, Jiangxi

[Movie]Mongolian Ping Pong

[Featured Place]Inner Mongolia

[Movie]When Ruoma Was Seventeen

[Featured Place]Hani Terrace


[Featured Place]Kekexili, Qinghai

Destination List
  • Shiping County, Yunnan
  • Xianju Scenic Area, Zhejiang
  • Wuyuan, Jiangxi
  • Suining County, Hunan Province
  • Kekexili, Qinghai
  • Taiwan, China
  • Hani Terrace, Yunnan
  • Grasslands, Inner Mongolia
    Movie List
    • The Movie Traveller-Huayao Bride in Shangri-La
    • The Movie Traveller-Fearless
    • The Movie Traveller-Postmen in the Mountains
    • The Movie Traveller-Island Etude
    • The Movie Traveller-When Ruoma Was Seventeen
    • The Movie Traveller-Mongolian Ping Pong
    • The Movie Traveller-Kekexili
    • The Movie Traveller-Nuan
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