5-day Ski Escape to Yabuli Ski Resort

3 Days Travel around Harbin

Harbin is China's northernmost major city, with a population in excess of 10 million, and over 4 million in the city center.
Harbin today is still very much influenced by its Russian past. A city once under Russian rule, it is now a center of trade with that country.
Playing with ice and snow is the top amusement in this area, including ice sledge, ice sailing, skating, playing top on ice, and winter swimming.
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Province      Heilongjiang
Postal code  150000
Elevation     150 m (488 ft)
Time zone    UTC+8

Songhuajiang Bridge

Guogeli Street

Yabuli Ski Resort

Harbin National Forest Park

Harbin Polarland

Siberian Tiger Park

The Sun Island

The Dragon Tower

Stalin Park

Monoment to Fight A Flood in 1957

Harbin Central Street

The St. Sophia Church
What to Eat in Harbin
The colonial influence in Harbin is evident in much of the city's cuisine and eating here is a very different experience from dining elsewhere in China.
Hotels and Services
Guogeli Hotel
Heilongjiang Kunlun Hotel
Ice Bar in Harbin
Tian Zhi Hotel
Holiday Inn
Power Hotel