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The shanzhai syndrome on the Internet has raised concern about intellectual property protection in cyberspace. Is it OK to register a twin domain name of well-known sites? Is it OK to clone other sites' designs, logos and functions?

David vs. Goliath: A Battle for TV Viewers on the Lunar New Year Eve
Every year, millions of Chinese welcome the New Lunar Year in front of their television sets, seeing the same old stars and hearing the same old tunes in the China Central Television New Year variety show. But this year, it might just be a little different.
Cheap Chips off Websites May Be Skirting IP Law
How many Kaixin websites, a Chinese copycat Facebook and a buzzword for millions of Chinese office workers, exist in cyberspace?
Copyright not An Issue for Fake CCTV Gala Show
The best known of these is the Shanzhai Spring Festival Gala Party on "CCSTV", or China Country Side TV, featuring nobodies trying to be somebodies, novelty acts and imitators of the major stars.
Shanzhai Culture
What's so special about the term 'shanzhai?' Literally translated it means 'mountain village,' and it has been making headlines everywhere. So what is it? Before we reveal its meaning, a recent survey about 'shanzhai' culture was conducted by China Central Television showing that 50% of netizens expressed support for it. The result sparked a heated debate. 'Shanzhai' products are low-cost products which unfairly challenge the original companies. They are also often of poor quality. One 'China Youth Daily' article comments that 'shanzhai' culture is actually a culture of piracy, of infringement of rights, and of thievery.
• Imitation Dramas Kill Off Local Creativity
Shanzhai Textile
Shanzhai Electronic Products
• Fakery Gains Renown in Realm of Shanzhai
Shanzhai Entertainment
• Copyright not An Issue for Fake CCTV Gala Show
• A 'Shanzhai' Version of 'Bird Nest'
• Harry Potter and the Giant Funnel
Shanzhai Commodities
• Almond vs. Dew
• Sprite vs. Snow Tyrant
• Rejoice vs. Elegance
• Impulse vs. Rob
News of Shanzhai
• Who's Taking the Mickey?
• Fakery Gains Renown in Realm of Shanzhai
• Copycat "Shanzhai" Culture Takes on Life of Its Own in China
Comments on Shanzhai Phenomenon

'Shanzhai' companies should always keep in mind that independent innovation is crucial for long-term development. 'Shanzhai' creation by common people is the new form of our mainstream's sub-culture. -- Xia Xueluan, a sociologist at Peking University.

We have 'Shanzhai' things everywhere, especially on the Internet. A flood of 'Shanzhai' was like junk. Policy guidance is in need. -- Zhou Xinning, an Internet commentator.

It represents non-mainstream ideas and innovations, and it's also a new way for common people to express what they want. -- Li Zonggui, a professor from Sun Yat-Sen University, in south east China's Guangdong Province.

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