Obama Likely to Address Congress Next Week
Obama is likely to address the Congress next week, both Democrats and Republicans, to make known his policy priorities, including his economy recovery plan, said the White House on Friday.

Obama Calls for "Unprecedented Action" to Save Economy
U.S. President Barack Obama on Saturday called for "unprecedented action" to save the American economy, which has been in a recession since December 2007.
Cote d'Ivoire President Urges Obama to "Appease" World Situation
Cote d'Ivoire's President Laurent Gbagbo on Wednesday urged his newly inaugurated U.S. counterpart Barack Obama to "appease the situation in the world."
Obama Tackles Recession, War on Day One
In his first working day at the White House, U.S. President Barack Obama had a full schedule, handling issues including the economy, Iraq war, Guantanamo prison, among others.
Confirmation of Obama's Cabinet Designees Goes through Progress, Bumps
As Hillary Rodham Clinton was finally greenlighted by the Senate Wednesday to take office in the U.S. State Department, other cabinet designees are still undergoing thorough check at the floor.
Obama Takes Oath again, Faithfully This Time
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    New Team
    New Administration to Forge Mideast Peace: Hillary Clinton
    Obama Names Chief Performance Officer
    Biden Defends Obama's Pick for CIA Head
    Obama to Pick Chief Intelligence Officials
    Obama Introduces New Team of Financial Regulators
    Obama Names Next Interior, Agriculture Secretaries
    Obama Names Daschle as Health Secretary
    Obama to Pick Chinese-American Scientist as Energy Secretary
    • Obama Urged to Grant California Waiver for Cleaner Cars
    • Obama to Discuss War Issues with Advisors, Commanders
    • Obama Administration Stops Pending U.S. Rules for Review
    • People in Obamas's Home State Watch His Inauguration
    • U.S. Senator Collapses at Obama Inauguration Luncheon
    • Bush Says Goodbye to White House
    • Obama Pledges Help to Poor Nations
    • Metro Station in Washington Closes after Woman Falls
    • Obama Arrives at U.S. Capitol for Presidential Inaugural
    • Large Crowds Gather in Washington for Obama Inauguration Ceremony
    • Obama Arrives at U.S. Capitol for Presidential Inaugural
    • Obama to be Inaugurated as U.S. First Black President at Historic Ceremony
    U.S. Foreign Policies
    • Obama to Make First Foreign Trip to Canada
    • Obama Administration Expected To Embrace Multilateralism
    • Obama to Promote Peace in Middle East: Advisor
    • Obama, Rice Discuss Israel's Strikes against Hamas
    • Obama Administration to Create Iran Outreach Position
    • Obama Vows to Renew U.S. Image, Repair Foreign Ties
    • Obama Reiterates Troops Withdrawl in 16 Months
    • Obama Policy Key to Future Israeli-Palestinian Peace Talks
    • Obama Expected to Build up Ties with South Africa
    U.S. Economy
    • Obama Vows to Take Dramatic Actions to Revive US Economy
    • Obama Urged to Develop New Energy Economy
    • Obama Urged to Put Forward Economic Stimulus Proposal
    • US President-elect Vows to Address Economic Crisis
    • Obama to Wrestle with Huge Economic Challenges
    • U.S. Presidential Election 2008
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    Obama Takes Oath again, Faithfully This Time
    Birthplace of Obama's Father Starts Inauguration Celebrations
    International Reactions
    • EU Welcomes Obama Decision to Close Guantanamo Detention Camp
    • Britain to Strengthen "Special Relations" with U.S.: Brown
    • Nepali President, PM Congratulate Obama
    • Japanese PM Vows Stronger Alliance under Obama Administration
    • Singapore President Congratulates Obama on Inauguration
    •  Barack Obama Inauguration Draws Attention of Whole World
    •  Obama's Inauguration Ceremony
    •  New U.S. President Vows to Remake America
    • 2009-01-21 Obama's Inauguration
    • 2009-01-20 Bush's Legacy in Office