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European Countries Express Desire For Open Market with Rules
    2008-10-26 10:56:58     CRIENGLISH.com

As the United States, the world's largest economy, has been experiencing severe financial turmoil, many European countries have shifted their eyes to the Asian market. At the just concluded Asia-Europe Meeting, or ASEM, many European countries expressed their strong desire to further cooperate with their Asian counterparts.

To further strengthen the cooperation between Asia and Europe, European Commission President Jose Barroso has called for the establishment of an open and interdependant market.

"We must work to have open market. We have all been benefited from trade and open business environment, so we should firmly resist call for protectionism, isolation and economic nationalism. This would only harm us and our prospects for recovery."

Barroso's remark has received general agreement among ASEM member countries.

Poland's Undersecretary of Foreign Affairs Ryszard Schnepf said his country will further adjust its foreign policy under this guideline.

He also noted that as the hosting country of the 2012 European Football Championship, Poland will further cooperate with China in infrastructure construction.

"Our Prime Minister has invited the Chinese enterprises for some investment in infrastructures. We are planning to build some rail and high ways next year and we need experience from such countries like China. You have a great experience in construction of the Olympic stadium."

Besides broadening mutual trade, participants also emphasized the importance of introducing necessary rules and an international monitoring system in this regard.
Hungarian Ambassador to China Sandor Kusai:

"Open markets can function very well if they are governed by rules and by agencies which enforce these important rules for everybody. "

Kusai also expected the ASEM to generate positive effects in reducing economic protectionism.

"We shall open up markets in many fields; of course it needs the understanding of our society. That's why this meeting is very important because it makes it clear that we want win-win situation."



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