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U.S. in Recession Since Dec. 2007: Official Panel
U.S. economy has been in a recession since December 2007, the National Bureau of Economic Research says. U.S. Manufacturing Sector Contracts for 4th Straight Month
• U.S. Agrees in Principle on Auto Bailout Plan
The White House and the Congressional Democrats have reached an agreement in principle on a draft $15 bln gov't loan plan to bail out the country's crippled auto industry.  'Big 3' Look for Chinese Medicine
• EU Pressed to Loosen Rules for Bank Rescue by Member States
The European Commission said on Tuesday it will loosen its state aid rules on national support to troubled banks, bowing to pressure from European Union (EU) member states.
• APEC leaders to Seek Consensus amid Financial Meltdown
Leaders of the APEC member economies are meeting Saturday in the Peruvian capital Lima for their annual summit, raising fresh hopes of restoring market confidence in the teeth of the ongoing financial storm.
World Market
• Financial Crisis Further Shakes World Food Safety: FAO Official
• U.S. Fed Lowers Forecasts for Economic Growth in 2008, 2009
• Global Financial Crisis Top Risk to Asia-Pacific Region
• U.S. Consumer Reports: Shoppers to Tighten Belts in Holiday Season
• U.S. Home Construction Sinks to New Record Low
• Petrobras to Postpone Projects amid Financial Crisis, Oil Price Fall
• Banks Say Job Cuts Won't Happen Here
• G8 Announces Global Summit to Resolve Financial Crisis
• Hi-tech Giants Get Ready to Feel Pinch
• Auto Rivals in Crisis: Merger Discussed
Insiders View
• China's Economic Measures Help Restore World's Confidence: Peruvian President
• Japan's Economy Unlikely to Achieve Growth in FY 2009: Official
• Global Financial Crisis Dampens Growth Prospect of Developed Economies
• Analysis: Is World Ready for a New Int'l Financial System?
• New Zealand May Face Major Economic Slowdown Next Year
International Cooperation
• Global Financial Crisis Casts Shadow over Poznan Talks on Global Climate
• World Need to Confront Development Emergency while Facing Financial Crisis: UN Chief
• China, Japan to Cooperate More in Energy Conservation amid Global Economic Woes
  • China Strives for Economic Soft Landing Next Year
  • China's Fiscal Revenue Falls 3.1 Pct in November
  • China to Join Inter-American Development Bank
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    U.S. Acts
    • U.S. Agrees in Principle on Auto Bailout Plan
    • Obama Vows to Work with Governors to Tackle Financial Crisis
    • U.S. Gov't Provides $33.56B to 21 Banks
    Asian Acts
    • Indonesian Economy to Suffer Most in H1 of 2009: Minister
    • Japan to Host Summit with China, S.Korea on Financial Crisis
    • China, India Crucial to Global Economy: APEC Official
    European Acts
    • EU Summit Approves Economic Recovery Plan, Says Draft Text
    • Decline in Financial Investment Rattles British Economy
    • Brown's Fiscal Rescue Plan Panned by German Finance Minister
    • President Urges Brazilians to Keep Consuming in Financial Crisis
    • Peru Unveils Economic Stimulus Plan
    • Raul Castro Calls for Solidarity to Handle Financial Crisis
    Timeline for the Global Crisis
    The world's major economies are striving to find solutions to the financial turmoil. Let's go back and see what has happened in the past year during the worst financial crisis in nearly 80 years.
    • Financial Crisis--Opportunity and Danger--Jiefang Daily
    • China Helps Small Enterprises amid Financial Crisis
    • China Signs 19 Purchase Contracts with Turkey
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