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Chinese President Calls for Further Cooperation with US
Chinese President Hu Jintao on Thursday called for further cooperation between China and the U.S. as the two countries wound up two days of economic talks with a slew of agreements in Beijing.
Top Stories
• China-U.S. SED Concludes with Complete Success
The Third China-U.S. Strategic Economic Dialogue which concluded at noon Thursday was a "complete success", said Chinese Vice Premier Wu Yi.
• China Opposes Attempt to Politicize Trade Issues
China firmly opposes any attempt to politicize trade issues, Vice Premier Wu Yi said Wednesday.
• Third China-US SED Opens in Beijing
The Third China-US Strategic Economic Dialogue (SED) opened in Beijing in Grand Epoch City on Wednesday morning.
CRI Exclusive

The US-China Strategic Dialogue
High-level economic officials from the United States are now here in China meeting with their Chinese counterparts. What is the main focus of the talks? And can any headway be made on the long-standing disagreements?
Issues of Common Concern
• China "Values" U.S. Opposition to Taiwan Referendum
• Chinese, US Presidents Hold Telephone Talks
• China, U.S. Reach Consensus in Defense Consultations
• China, U.S. Celebrate 28th Anniversary of Diplomatic Ties
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• Bush Attaches Great Importance to U.S.-China Ties
• Tibetan Experts Visiting U.S. Expose Dalai Lama's Splittist Scheme
China-US Trade
• China, U.S. Sign Agreement to Ensure Safety of Trade Goods
• China Opposes Attempt to Politicize Trade Issues
• China Says Consultation Only Way to Solve Trade Disputes
• List of Documents Signed by 18th China-U.S. Joint Commission on Commerce and Trade
• China Urges "Long, Strategic View" on China-US Trade
• US Treasury Secretary Arrives in Beijing for Talks
• US Trade Officials to Visit China for Talks
• China's Service Trade to Hit 400 Bln USD in 2010
• US, China Should Reform World Financial System
• China's Trade Volume May Exceed 2.1 Trillion USD
Bilateral Cooperation
• China Eyes Closer Cooperation with US in Energy Development
• Talks with US to Focus on Energy Collaboration
• China, US Hold Conference on Innovation in Beijing
Product Safety
• Chinese Vice Premier Urges to Handle Issue of Food Safety in A Creative Way
• U.S., China Urged to Work Together on Product Quality
• U.S., China to Sign Two Import Safety Agreements
• U.S. Consumers Continue Buying China-made Toys
Audio News
• On the Eve of Sino-US Strategic Economic Dialogue
• China to Strive for Successful Sino-U.S. Strategic Economic Dialogue
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• U.S. Has Every Interest in China's Growth: Bloomberg
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