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China, U.S. Conclude Key Economic Dialogue
China and the United States on Wednesday concluded a key economic dialogue with a wide variety of specific agreements.
• Chinese Sign More than $30 Billion of Contracts
A Chinese business delegation that has been carrying out a 24-state tour in the United States since early May has signed $32.6 billion in deals so far, Vice Commerce Minister Ma Xiuhong said on Wednesday.
• Chinese Vice Premier Wu Yi Meets U.S. House Speaker
Chinese vice Premier Wu Yi met Wednesday with U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and senior members of the House of Representatives.
• U.S. Official: Dialogue with China Makes Good Start
U.S. Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez said on Tuesday that the key economic dialogue with China makes a good start, adding the talks would get more penetrating as dialogues continue.
Ten Hot Topics

The second meeting of the China-US Strategic Economic Dialogue is scheduled to begin on Tuesday in Washington, the capital of US.

The important two-day meeting will focus on key issues in areas of trade, currency exchange rate, energy and environment, growth balance and innovation.

Issues of Mutual Concern
v US-China Joint Economic Committee Hold Meeting
v US Expects Aviation Agreement with China
v U.S. Benefits from Trade with China: Paulson
v U.S. to Revise Export Control Rules on China
v China Does Not Manipulate Its Currency: U.S. Treasury
v China Sticks to Reform, Opening up: Vice Premier
v U.S., China to Better Cooperate on Energy Security
v China Opens Direct Flights from Shanghai to New York
v Chinese Sign More than $30 Billion of Contracts
v Chinese Vice Premier Wu Yi Meets U.S. House Speaker
v Kissinger Calls on Close Coop between U.S., China
v Blackstone Deal Aims for Better Returns
v Wu Yi Arrives in Washington for 2nd Meeting of SED
v China to Invest $3 Bln in US-based Blackstone
v Wu Yi Urges US to Ease Curbs
v Wu Yi Leaves for Sino-US Economic Dialogue
v Sino-US Strategic Economic Dialogue Key to Both
v China-U.S. Trade Offers Mutual Benefit: Vice Premier
RMB Revaluation
• China to Widen RMB Floating Range against U.S. Dollar
• Chinese Yuan Hits New High against U.S. Dollar
• China Expects More Talks with US on RMB
• Current RMB Exchange Rate at Appropriate Level: Official
• RMB Breaks 7.80 Mark against U.S. Dollar
• Value of Renminbi against U.S. Dollar Hits Record High
• RMB Appreciation Will Not Reduce US Trade Deficit
• No Plan for Widening Floating Band of RMB Exchange Rate: Official
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